Paper can help bring attention to lesser-known sports

I was glad to see the M-I's write-up on Owensboro youth hockey, especially focusing on the Owensboro Rampage high school team (Friday, June 7, M-I). It's great to see youth in our area being exposed to different sports; even high school lacrosse is gaining a foothold here in Owensboro.

That being said, why wasn't there any mention recently of the NHL's St. Louis Blues winning this year's Stanley Cup? This was the Blues' first Stanley Cup trophy in franchise history. You would think with the paper's highlighting youth hockey here that there would be some interest in professional hockey! I wonder how many of our local hockey community and the kids who play the sport missed not seeing any coverage of the Stanley Cup.

If we are encouraging our youth to branch out to sports that have not been in our area before, there should be articles mentioned in the paper to cater to their interests. I admit I was never "into" hockey, soccer, lacrosse or archery as a youth or even as an adult. But, I think opening our youth up to new sports will make our local schools be very competitive with the Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky schools. Go Blues.

Stewart Kelley


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Denise Barberis

I agree with you completely! I was very frustrated that the paper completely ignored the Stanley Cup Playoffs - especially being only a few hours away from St. Louis.

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