Choice for governor should be clear

Gov. Matt Bevin has been a pro-life governor. He wants to increase the productivity of Kentuckians, not abort them. He has signed bills that limit abortion in our state. Andy Beshear is pro-choice (pro-abortion). Planned Parenthood, the big abortion provider, had a fundraiser for his campaign.

Bevin wants able-bodied persons to work. Beshear wants to make a welfare state and then prey on the weakest by expanding gaming and gambling, thus promoting the societal ills of addiction, poverty and hunger to our Kentucky families.

Bevin is fiscally responsible. Years of neglect have led to our pension crisis, and he has been brave enough to tackle the problem. Beshear brashly promises a $2,000 raise to teachers to woo their vote.

Bevin has a record of bringing jobs to our state and improving the economy. Beshear identifies himself with old "home boy" policies that have created our problems. Beshear voted for Hillary Clinton and will tie his policies to the far-left agenda that is financing his campaign. The choice is ours. What do we want for our state?

Alice Tooley


When did companies stop caring about customers?

Readers may recall the 1997 movie "As Good As It Gets" in which audiences applauded female lead Helen Hunt's rant against the day's health insurance companies, which often were obstacles to good health outcomes.

Comcast and other monopolistic cable and online giants are my nominees for this year's "As Good as It Gets" Customer Non-Service Award. Recently, and without warning, Comcast removed the old movie station Turner Classic Movies from their channel choices and told viewers that they would have to subscribe to a $10 monthly sports package to have it restored. In our case, we would have had to pay an additional $3 per month on each TV to upgrade the cable adapter.

I just said no. The Comcast online forum has been flooded by outraged customers like me -- quite a few plans to cut the cable. Customers, like our ancestors a century ago, need to develop strategies to push back on these unfeeling, unregulated corporations. Maybe, as in the case of the health insurance providers 20 years ago, federal and state lawmakers might take notice and intervene to rein in Comcast and companies like it.

George Humphreys


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