What has McConnell done to aid situation in Afghanistan?

I can’t tell if Sen. Mitch McConnell believes that we should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan at any time. He says we have achieved the goal of preventing Afghanistan from being a haven for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist related groups, but he doesn’t put forward his own timeline for withdrawal.

McConnell has been at the highest level of power in the Senate since we went into Afghanistan, and hopefully he has been informed during that time of how our military was doing and how the new elected government was performing. He should have also checked that the plan laying out our strategy also gave good guidelines for withdrawal at some future point.

McConnell had to have known about the negotiations that the previous president held with the Taliban, instead of the Afghanistan government, that set up the current withdrawal. And when the elected president leaves the country right as they need leadership the most, no wonder the Afghan army ran.

We’ve been there for 20 years, and if we have not given the people a desire for a better representative style of government — and sense of duty — it won’t happen.

David Fleischmann


Don’t use cellphones while biking

Here is another issue I would like to discuss with everyone. Now that the Texas Gas building is moving in the right direction again, let’s talk about children — and sometimes adults — riding their bikes while using their cellphones.

Within the state of Kentucky, an officer may cite a vehicle driver for using a cellphone while the vehicle is moving. This should now apply to individuals on bikes.

Every day, as I drive around town, I encounter bike riders paying little or no attention to traffic or street signs while using their cellphones. I realize we should share the road, but bikers have to pay attention. I am concerned this situation is going to lead to a tragic accident that could have been avoided with more attention paid by the bikers.

Of course, parents of the younger bikers should tell them not to use their cellphones while on a moving bike.

Bill Kelley


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Gary Adams

David Fleischmann: I agree that Senator Mitch McConnell should have been aware (and probably is) that the Biden administration had no serious plan for getting Americans and allies out of Afghanistan before the Taliban took over. But he's only focused on finding ways to return to power in the US Senate -- rather than in upsetting the military-industrial apple cart of profit-making war funding. That pays his re-election bills. Not working to solve real problems.

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