Christians should only vote for pro-life candidates

This letter is one Christian's response to the recent letter in the Messenger-Inquirer, which was entitled "How Do Christians Support Trump?"

I can only speak for myself. In the 2016 general election for president, voters had two choices. Hillary Clinton said she supported the infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision referred to as Roe v. Wade. She supported an organization called Planned Parenthood. If elected president and there was a vacancy in the Supreme Court, Clinton would have nominated a pro-abortionist.

I know nothing about the letter writer's age or education level, but everyone who is old enough to vote should know that Roe v. Wade decision legalized the slaughter of helpless, innocent unborn babies in their mother's wombs, and Planned Parenthood is assumed to have killed more babies than any other organization.

Donald Trump opposed the Roe v. Wade decision and Planned Parenthood. He said that he is pro-life and if elected, his court nominee would be a conservative constitutionalist who, hopefully, would help to save babies' lives.

I voted for the former Ohio governor, John Kasich, in the primary, and I voted for Donald Trump in the general election. Hillary Clinton and her ilk do not deserve any Christian's vote, respect, donation or endorsement.

In November, I plan to vote only for the candidates who are endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life-Political Action Committee. I predict that they will endorse Gov. Matt Bevin for a second term and state Sen. Ralph Alvarado for lieutenant governor, Michael Adams for secretary of state, David Cameron for attorney general, Mike Harmon for auditor, Allison Ball for treasurer and Dr. Ryan Quarles for commissioner of agriculture. Please join me in voting pro-life.

Terry H. Miller


Where is the concern for survival of all humanity?

Fifty years ago, I spent a year in Porto Velho, capital of the Brazilian territory of Rondonia, deep in the Amazon jungle. There were no paved roads, the gutters smelled of sewage, and Cuiaba, the next city down the BR364, was 1,300 kilometers south in the dry season. Some hunters had notches on their guns representing natives killed, and bush pilots carried a hundred feet of rope and a fishing line in case they had to ditch in the top of a Brazil nut tree.

Since that time the population has increased from 84,000 to 500,000 and that of Ariquemes, an hour south, from zero to 106,000. Google Earth shows the forest on either side of the road has been cleared for miles east and west. The local government website shows smoke engulfing the town from thousands of burn operations, 90% of which are described as “criminal.”

The poverty-stricken souls who invaded and transformed the forest are no different from the American pioneers heading west 200 years ago. Behind them came money men aggregating land to raise cattle for beef and leather. Now corporate farmers come intent on capturing a significant portion of America’s soybean market, thanks to the tariff wars.

There seems to be no way to stop this trend. Individual survival is the motivating force. The group survival acts we call altruism would be hard to find. We are sorely in need of a word for acts that help the survival of all humanity.

Hervey Howell


There is no difference between 'free-market' and 'crony' capitalism

This letter is in response to the Aug. 25 Messenger-Inquirer column by guest contributor Jim Waters, "Don't confuse free-market capitalism with crony capitalism."

A Libertarian pundit and diehard Tea-Partier, Waters has once again demonstrated his inability to see the forest because of all the trees. In a land of unicorns and rainbows, it may be possible to distinguish free-market and crony capitalism as two separate beasts.

In our world, any legislator who dares to threaten the interests of a big pharmaceutical company will meet with a well-financed primary rival.

In addition, unlike the rest of us, Medicaid and Medicare have the market share and political clout to negotiate drug prices downward ... Medicare-For-All, anyone?

In the present era of F.E.C. versus Citizens United, free-market capitalism is crony capitalism.

Charles R. Clark Jr., Owensboro

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