God will be our ultimate judge

As America advances in the annals of history, how will future historians interpret the era of the Mueller investigation? How will they interpret the collusion delusion of Congressional Democratic investigations seeking to impeach a constitutionally-elected president -- a president elected by an overwhelming decision by the electoral college?

Who is behind the move to abolish the electoral college? It is constitutional protection of every citizen's vote. It is the sacred right and responsibility of all citizens to be a part of our representative government, which Abraham Lincoln vividly described as, "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people."

Is communism collusion with Russia? In 2008, why did Democrats choose an adherent of communism, Chicago's Saul Alinsky, as a presidential candidate -- a candidacy that was conceived in the living room of Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn, both members of the terrorist Weather Underground.

When did Democrats ever worry about communists in an administration? Who were Mandell House and Alger Hiss? What was the McCarthy era about?

In 2012, the Democratic National Convention voted God out. Who was the God voted out? Was it the God named on our Declaration of Independence? The God in our court oaths and the induction oaths of Congress? The God named in our pledge to the American flag? The God we claim to trust in our currency?

After 2012, Obama's presidential election was the FBI reformed to enable other government agencies to intimidate ordinary citizens with different political views? What about the Lois Lerner, IRS and the Tea Party incidents?

Americans who know the God named above, also know that He keeps His promise to us when we pray to Him and claim them. It is time to pray! He is our supreme judge and the judgment of the nation is imminent. Matthew 25:30-32.

Shirley Barnett


Why the focus on guns and not alcohol?

I've never lost a loved one to gun violence or a mass shooting, however, I have lost loved ones too early in life to alcohol-related vehicle death. The media is very focused on gun violence and mass shootings, in particular, and every time there is another mass shooting the talking heads are screaming for more gun control and restrictions on gun ownership. I can't imagine that losing a loved one to a mass shooting is more grievous, unexpected or heart-wrenching than to lose someone in an alcohol-related incident. Is one form of preventable death more bearable than another? I personally don't think so.

In 2018, 14,611 people died from gun violence and that number excludes about 25,000 suicides (www.Trace.Org), which in my opinion points to more of a mental health problem in America than a gun problem.

In the United States for 2018, there were 88,000 alcohol-related deaths (www.NIAA.NIH.gov) and about 10,000 of those were due to DUI manslaughter (www.NHTSA.gov). I haven't heard a word about more alcohol-related laws to protect the public. In response to the most recent public mass shooting, Walmart will stop selling some types of firearms and ammunition, which creates good public optics and will do little if anything to stop gun violence. Walmart, however, will continue to sell alcohol.

Why the outcry over 14,000 deaths because of guns and ignoring the 10,000 deaths from DUI manslaughter? Alcohol seems to be as large a problem in our society as guns. A person is almost as likely to be killed due to misuse of alcohol as the misuse of a gun.

Carolyn Williamson


Officials continueto ignore issue of assault weapons

It is plain to see that our elected senators, representatives and our president are going to do nothing to stop the killings. The gun makers and the NRA have control over them. It is up to the voters to make the right thing happen. As long as the weapons are there, someone who wants one will get one.

The next time that anyone running for office comes here, I am going to ask them for a yes or no answer as to whether or not assault weapons should be banned. If they cannot give me a yes or no answer, then they will not get my vote.

Joe Newton


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