White supremacy keeps our democracy from reaching its full potential

White supremacy roams our nation, not just on the back roads of the countryside but also in the streets of our cities and, as seen recently, in the halls of the seat of our democracy.

White supremacy is power over, it is violence, and it is humans hurting who know no other way to express their rage. White supremacy is in the founding of our country, from the genocide of the indigenous peoples of this land to the buying and selling of black and brown bodies used to build this nation. It is baked into the words of our original documents, where some humans are seen as less than, not worthy enough, not man enough and not white enough to be considered full members of the land of the free.

Democracy welcomes all people, but not all ideas, especially those ideas that would limit the voices of some. Democracy builds on equality, diversity and the struggle that comes in listening to those voices on the margins.

Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul appear to fear losing control of the power that has held back the blooming of our democracy. Holding onto lies and not being able to hear the truth that echoes across the land, they keep the grand dream of democracy from becoming a reality. The time has come to stand together, to be accomplices in this reimagining of our nation. The truth of our past must now lead us to a new

America ... where all can be free and all are welcome.

Mary Danhauer


Daviess County fortunate to have Porter as county attorney

I recently retired as executive director of the Kentucky County Attorneys Association, a position I was privileged to hold for more than a decade. From this position, I have first-hand experience with their unique and enormous responsibilities.

I feel compelled to write this letter to voice my thoughts on Claud Porter. The residents of Daviess County are fortunate to have a man of Claud’s stature serving as county attorney. Claud has demonstrated his concern for public safety and has served as an example of what it means to be a firm, fair and even-handed prosecutor.

Over the years, Claud has been active in the Kentucky County Attorneys Association, where he has served in several leadership positions. From these posts, Claud championed funding programs that serve working families and advocated for initiatives that make our communities a safer place to live and work. He has demonstrated an amazing willingness to provide time, wisdom and leadership on criminal justice, legislative and policy issues. This has earned Claud the well-deserved respect of his colleagues across Kentucky.

When it comes to serving his community and state, Claud is one of the most unselfish and dedicated public officials I know. As I leave public service, I sincerely say it has been a high point in my career to work with Claud Porter. I know he will continue to serve admirably and provide strong leadership for the people of Daviess County and the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Bill Patrick


How will we Christians approach the Biden presidency?

Believers in Christ, we have an admittedly imperfect, fallible man in the White House who is a Christian, attends church regularly and says openly that he is motivated by his faith, just as our last president said.

Joe Biden attends church at least weekly, where God’s word can speak to him and have the opportunity to break any chains on his heart, just like it can for each of us. That could indicate an openness to change. Frankly, we could have had much worse in the Oval Office.

It is time to decide: Is there power in the blood of Jesus and in the very word of God he hears when he goes into the House of God or not? We need to decide right now how we’re going to navigate his presidency, keeping in mind that the world is watching us.

Are we going to post about and gossip about every negative rumor without researching and without prayer? Are we going to post about and gossip about everything he does that is not in line with what we believe? Or will we choose to pray for him earnestly first? Will we prove to the world that we are here to shine the light of Jesus Christ who is love? The world is waiting to find out.

Carey Ann Atherton


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CAROLYN Williamson

Unfortunately you contradict yourself. You can't advocate for democracy and freedom in the same breathe speak against certain ideas and ideologies. Who decides which ideologies are acceptable? When does a one cross the line from ideology to hate speech or violence. Not all hate comes from 'white supremacists'. What about people that speak against certain religions or aspects of some religions? What about people that speak hate towards all police officers because of the actions of a few? Hate is everywhere and comes from all colors, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. If you only focus on the hate from one particular group aren't you practicing you're own from of hate?

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