Does hospital management care about community?

With each Messenger-Inquirer article concerning OH's conduct regarding backup ambulance service for our community, I became increasingly amazed at the hospital's arrogance and lack of community-minded decision-making.

The first article revealed OH's refusal to negotiate in good faith with our city and county governments. OH's executive management has operated for some time from the position that "we" are a monopoly, so it is "our way or the highway."

But it got worse with the next article: OH would not provide the community with an explanation as to why it would not provide the backup ambulance service. How arrogant. Does this community not deserve some explanation?

Why the indifference to an important medical need of the people they are supposed to serve? It would cost them nothing.

The third M-I article exposed why OH did not want to discuss the matter. OH advised our local governments that they would kick in some money to help with the needed subsidy, but only if the local governments agreed to not foster any competition to OH's monopoly. How does one spell extortion?

Thanks to the city and county for not caving in to this outrageous demand and to Deaconess for stepping in and doing what OH should have been willing to do without hesitation. I hope Deaconess continues to take on this Frankenstein monster by offering more services in Owensboro. I know many of us fondly remember the days when we had Mercy Hospital.

My criticism of OH does not extend to the hundreds of outstanding and dedicated employees who work for OH. The fault clearly rests with the executive team, their out-of-town consultants/advisers, and it seems, a majority of its board of directors.

Randy Hutchinson


Show Bevin that negative ads will not work this time

If you are watching the Kentucky governor's race, you have undoubtedly already witnessed the wave of negative ads appearing in the media. While Gov. Matt Bevin claims to be the candidate of family values, his Koch-sponsored ads strongly indicate otherwise.

While Andy Beshear's ads stress his accomplishments of protecting our citizens from drug and opioid abuse, supporting our teachers, firefighters and other public employees, and preserving health care for all, Bevin's ads are full of distortions about Beshear and use short video snippets completely out of context. This technique may have worked in the past, but are we to continue to reward this type of misleading tactic?

We all say that we are tired of the negative attacks, so now is the time to let your voice (and vote) speak loudly. I will be voting for a lifelong Kentuckian who understands us and demonstrates the true family values of our great citizens. Matt Bevin is not from Kentucky and is taking us down a path that does not benefit you and me.

Let's show him that his negative campaigning and personal attacks will not work this time. Vote Andy Beshear.

Larry Miller


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