Time to stop weight discrimination

It's discouraging that advocates for the LGBTQ community ("Fairness For All," Aug. 4, 2019) have to pursue legal protection when all the guidance anyone should ever need is covered by the Golden Rule: "Do unto others ... ."

Sadly, the same lack of empathy has kept race and religion atop the list of unfulfilled fairness. And yet the most pervasive and tolerated form of bias in these United States makes barely a blip on the social justice radar: Discrimination based solely on an individual's weight.

It's unfair because weight is a misleading indicator of health and never a measure of personal character. Even now that two-thirds of Americans are classified as overweight or obese, weight bias is internalized by the fluffy among us, and reinforced daily by family members, friends, teachers, coaches, physicians, Hollywood and the news media.

Fat-shaming against children is cruel and more damaging than the fat being demonized. For adults -- especially women -- employment discrimination begins with the hiring process and continues with fewer promotions and wage penalties as high as 25 percent.

Humans have survived for eons because of powerful metabolic and hormonal safeguards. Today, cheap, low-nutrition calories are everywhere and aggressively marketed. But our bodies still respond to weight-loss dieting as if confronting real famine, starvation and death. And so, all but 5% of dieters will regain all lost weight -- and more.

No, it's really not a fair contest. We shouldn't make it worse.

Stewart Jennison


What about the 'right' not to be gunned down?

There has been another mass shooting in America taking the lives of innocent people. It is time to do something! Assault weapons should not be available to civilians.

Why do Rep. James Comer, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Mitch McConnell put the right to own a gun over the right a person has to not be gunned down? Why do they not care about the innocent men, women and children who have been shot to death?

America is the only developed nation that has multiple deadly mass shootings yearly. What will it take for these officials to do something about it?

It's time to ban assault weapons, close the gun show loophole and institute universal background checks. McConnell, Paul and Comer need to take initiative to stop mass shootings in this country! Do not give in to the NRA.

People's lives over the Second Amendment. Human lives over guns.

Mercedes Drake

Beaver Dam

No reason to gloat over 'flat' tax rates

Politicians and public school officials are gloating over not raising (property) taxes or not raising them very much. In reality, the increased assessments alone are nothing other than a tax increase. They should be lowering tax rates after what the citizenry has put into all their pet projects via public funds, including sales taxes in the TIF districts.

Why not be transparent about what is really happening with tax increases?

James Clark


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