Johnson will stand on his principles

What value does Jim Glenn bring as a state representative? In 2019, he was the primary sponsor on no bills.

While I don’t like Glenn’s “no” votes on HB254 — protecting free speech at public universities — and SB150 — constitutional carry — I can respect someone who disagrees with me. It’s hard to respect an elected official who’s simply afraid to vote, however.

Glenn chose not to vote on four abortion-related bills — SB9, HB5, SB50, HB148 — in 2019. He also refused to vote on HB46, HB166, SB85 and SB107, all of which became law without his — and therefore Owensboro’s — input.

It’s OK to vote against a bill based on conscience. But to refuse to vote because a bill is controversial? Well, that’s just not good representation.

How about the 2020 session? Glenn was the prime sponsor on two bills: one would name bourbon the state alcohol and the other would exempt 100-year-olds from paying taxes. Neither made it out of committee. Is this why we sent Glenn to Frankfort?

Finally, consider the fact that Glenn is a member of a super minority in the House — 37 out of 100 seats are in his party. Will anything Glenn sponsors get passed anytime soon? Will it even get a hearing? That’s a real long shot given the makeup of the House. Owensboro can do better. Please vote DJ Johnson in 2020. He’s not afraid to stand on his principle, even if you disagree with him.

Tim Kline


Taylor understands the needs of our town

Before running for office was even a consideration, Dale Taylor was actually trying to make Owensboro better. Owensboro is already a great place to call home. It’s my home and your home. Dale wants to make our hometown even greater. This attitude is what will make him an effective city commissioner and Owensboro a better place to live.

It breaks my heart that we have lost so many restaurants, stores and jobs. Drugs and gun shots were never the norm in our community, and now it seems that is changing. We need someone who understands the needs of our town and is willing to sacrifice their time to make our city a top priority. I believe Dale Taylor will do this.

As a friend and former colleague, I’ve known Dale to be fair, honest and a straight shooter. Aren’t these the characteristics we all want and, more importantly, need in office?

Please join me in electing Dale Taylor as our city commissioner.

Linda Zuerner


Taylor has the qualities necessary to be a strong city commissioner

This is a year of so very many candidates for city commission. So how to choose the candidate for whom to vote? I offer this.

Dale Taylor exhibits ALL of the qualities anyone could hope for in that role. He possesses unquestioned integrity by always expressing an opinion based on his best judgment and not what some special interest may suggest.

His personality is such that he can seamlessly bring together various factions and positions, allowing him to render a well-reasoned decision and accomplish even daunting tasks.

This city will be fortunate should Dale Taylor be elected. I respectfully ask for your vote for Dale Taylor to serve on the Owensboro city commission.

Nick Hetman


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Stanley Lightner

Tim Kline spews his usual reactionary drivel. Thus his opinion piece should be ignored.

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