Churches that wade into politics should be forced to pay taxes

I keep reading about the churches telling the government who to elect based on what they will or won’t do.

The reason churches don’t pay taxes is because they don’t participate in government. If they want to elect a president, then let them choose a political party and start paying taxes. Let them pay to play the game.

Churches have turned into a big business. Mega churches command thousands of members and millions of dollars. That would make for a hefty tax bill just to be able to say elect my candidate and do as I

tell you.

Phillip Parkhill


Civilized society has no place for those who sow violence

Men who sow violence of any kind, whether in suits or horns on their heads, have no business holding positions of esteem in their families, churches or communities, whether they shout or whisper it in the sacred halls of their families, their churches or our Capitol.

Civilized people want peace that come from freedom of violence. Without stirring and causing violence through speech or action, that’s all there is: Peace. Be still and know.

Pam Scott


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