Questions about a fairness ordinance

I have questions concerning the proposed fairness ordinance.

Is it really needed?

Is there documented evidence of widespread discrimination in housing and employment in Daviess County?

Will Fiscal Court present this evidence?

Is enforcing such an ordinance an appropriate role for the county government?

Is the county qualified and prepared to prosecute cases of alleged housing and employment discrimination that may come?

Will the county divert Fiscal Court time and resources away from providing services and infrastructure to prosecute these cases?

Finally, citizens who own a service business, are you prepared to be compelled by your county government to comply with orders to perform business transactions you find objectionable on moral or spiritual grounds?

My belief is that these local ordinances are not being pursued just for media attention. Those who see themselves as your social and moral superiors plan to use them to compel you to comply with their concept of "fairness."

Carl Ringwall


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Ronald Ward

The unanswered question from Mr Ringwall: "Is there documented evidence of widespread discrimination in housing and employment in Daviess County" and "is it really needed" somewhat invalidates the overall theme of his argument- that it isn't needed and such a waste of time prosecuting would pull resources, etc.

Perhaps a more direct and less rhetorical statement would be that we can't interfere with the firing and housing evictions of people deemed to be of a certain sexual orientation because it's just too much trouble?

And it would seem to me that if it did in fact "divert Fiscal Court time and resources", then maybe the answer is yes, it must be that widespread.

Bruce Pierce

Ronald a better question would be do we want the government to use force to have people act against their conscience? Once we allow the government to become an arbitrator in matters of conscience we will be allowed to live as our conscience sees fit instead of it being a right.

Bruce Pierce

Valid questions, I hope more time is spent on reflection on those questions than "knee jerk" feel good actions.

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