Jurists should haveto see abortion mills

Last year, Gov. Matt Bevin signed House Bill 454, which bans a second-trimester abortion procedure known as a dilation and evacuation (D&E). The bill prohibits the "bodily dismemberment, crushing or human vivisection of the fetus when the probable post-fertilized age of the unborn child is 11 weeks or greater."

Recently, however, a federal judge struck down the law. His ruling says in part that the law would "unduly burden" women seeking the procedure. It further stated that "If the Act goes into effect, standard D&E abortion will no longer be performed ... ."

Peeling away the dispassionate language in the ruling reveals the disgusting procedure -- a preborn baby is pulled apart in the womb through the use of forceps, and the child's remains are reassembled outside so that the doctor can account for every part of the child. The process is especially horrifying because the preborn child is still alive when the dismemberment begins.

During World War ll the Americans liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. Because of the local town people's tolerance of the atrocities inflicted on the Jews, Gen. Patton forced them to view the carnage at the concentration camp.

It's highly unlikely that the jurists who ruled removing a preborn baby is basically the moral equivalency of extracting a decayed tooth would be willing to tour an abortion mill to view the horrific results of the D&E procedure.

If the results of a procedure are too abhorrent to view, then the necessity of the procedure should be questioned.

Louis E. Hoskins


We will be judgedon our decisions

A recent M-I article mentioned that a previous fairness ordinance was once again suggested to commissioners by a proponent of the LGBTQ lifestyle. This ordinance represents a conundrum with triple implications for our area and nation. They are legal, political and spiritual, which is the most important. LGBTQ persons often allege that Christians are guilty of hate crimes and discriminating against them because Christians oppose this lifestyle. This opposition is based on a knowledge of "our Creator" who created both male and female and marriage to build a society according to God's plan.

Christians seek to obey "our Creator" and believe His promise to return to earth and rule for 1,000 years from Jerusalem. He clearly defines world conditions before His return. Luke 17:27. Nations around the world are now endorsing this lifestyle by legalizing gay marriage. This phenomenon confirms His imminent return. The judgment of nations will then occur in Jerusalem, Matthew 25:31-34.

Creator God came to redeem His creation because of His great love for each one and His desire that they would spend eternity with Him. The eternal destiny of every individual depends on their acceptance of His plan for them. Indecision is fatal. Eternity hangs in the balance.

Shirley J. Barnett


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