Fairness laws violate the consciences of Christians

Paul Morsey, in his Sept. 22 letter, stated that Owensboro needed a "fairness ordinance." Fairness laws are a vehicle of the LBGTQ movement to silence those who voice opposition to this lifestyle. "Fairness" laws start out in benign fashion and spread into areas of speech and religion.

Morsey uses an obscure example of Southern racists, who used religion as an excuse to not serve black customers in their restaurants, to justify his claim that Christians had no grounds to oppose such a law. The problems with this argument are that racism is not Biblical and that race is genetic, while sexual choice is not. There has never been any proof that homosexuality is genetic.

While Bible-believing Christians do not hate homosexuals, they will not be coerced into being silent on what the Bible clearly teaches about sexual sin, gender and marriage. The First Amendment states that Congress cannot make laws to restrict the free practice of religion. How then can cities make ordinances that do this?

"Fairness" laws have violated the consciences of Christian bakers, florists and wedding planners recently. The litigation cost has threatened to bankrupt these people. Houston's former mayor, a lesbian, attempted to force pastors to submit their sermons to her office for approval. "Fairness" laws lead to creeping authoritarianism that violates the speech and religious freedoms of the First Amendment.

Mike Reeves


Bridge lights will bring more beauty, joy to Owensboro

Think of how beautifully festive the bridge lights will look when we all gather for downtown events.

To the Reader's Write letter of Oct. 20 suggesting that the bridge light money be used for housing in blighted areas, we should note that in the last 10 years millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent improving and building completely new houses. Look it up.

Have you also noticed how even the most modest of homes have flowers growing around the house? We are magnetically drawn to beauty, which has that unusual power to attract and is highly valued throughout life.

How exciting it will be to anticipate, see and enjoy the color change to celebrate a particular event.

For some, a beautiful home is favored; others a Lamborghini or travel. Whatever the dream, our spirits are lifted by pleasing sites.

Newcomers and others crossing the bridge can freely and gleefully accept a multi-colored welcome from us -- like a little hug and a big colorful welcome mat.

With very little publicity, since not everyone pays property tax or takes the local paper, there was the equivalent still of over 1,000 donations of $10 just in a short time frame. The child who gave $11 of his savings to the bridge fund can say, "Hey, I helped (pay) for our lights."

Donations are still accepted. Should we not greet our mayor Tom Watson with a big hug for his leadership and vision?

Ova Hookey


God is watching Congress

America's Declaration of Independence proclaims, "We are endowed by our Creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." The writers of this document also referred to Him as our Supreme Judge. The universal law of our Supreme Judge is engraved on the Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C. Engraved for all the world to see are the words, "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless, that take His name in vain."

America's representative government is undergirded with an oath to support and defend the Constitution, all members of Congress must swear this oath which ends "so help me God." Webster's Dictionary defines perjury as "willfully swearing a lie or breaking an oath."

The U.S. Constitution is a document by which all Americans are governed. Since both parties seem to have opposing views concerning the meaning of the Constitution, exactly what document have they sworn to protect and defend.

The tragedy currently being conducted by Congress and its media coverage requires a closer look by American citizens. Could there be some false swearers involved? Our Supreme Judge is also the God of Truth (Deuteronomy 32:4) Will He enter this Congressional activity for the finale? Will it bring the House down?

Shirley Barnett


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Marjorie Flowers

Examples of Southern racists using Scripture as an excuse not to serve African-Americans in restaurants are not obscure. I was reared in a church that in my lifetime Taught that the races should be separate based on the idea that the three sons of Noah were the beginning of races and should not mix. This questionable theological argument was used in my lifetime to refuse to welcome African-Americans in our church and to justify laws intended to discriminate against African-Americans.

Please refrain from using “Bible-believing Christians” to imply that all Christians who do not share your beliefs on civil life are not Christians guided by the Bible and the teachings of Christ. There are many theologies, and yours does not have a monopoly on truth. Nor does mine. It is offensive and hurtful, and it seeks to divide those of us who seek the Kingdom of God rather than to unite us.

Your Houston example is true, but it is not the whole truth. For the record, I agree with the Houston mayor that the subpoena was overly broad. Check Snopes for a full explanation of the issue. For the record, I agree with the Houston mayor that the subpoena was overly broad. But I also believe that once the petition became part of the legal record, it was subject to rules of discovery, as any legal action is.

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