Bob Glenn has a proven track record of working for Owensboro

I would like to tell you why I am voting for Bob Glenn for Owensboro City Commission. You might ask why he is running. What is in it for Bob? The answer is simple; he wants to make Owensboro a better place to live, where everyone feels welcome and visitors will want to make their home here too.

Bob sees the importance of new businesses coming to Owensboro and a need for a better focus on the economy, especially with issues caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. He will work with and support our law enforcement in an effective manner, he will work to make safer neighborhoods, as well as a stronger, united Owensboro.

Bob works hard, and he has a proven record. He served on the commission for three terms, one of which, he received the most votes making him mayor pro tempore.

Bob is an excellent communicator, who has the ability to ask the right questions, and he will work in collaboration with others to do the business of the city commission. He will work to make Owensboro the best city it can be for all.

Please give him a chance to serve again. Join me in going down to the last name on the ballot and vote for Bob Glenn. Thank you for your consideration.

Donna Abell


Faith, family and community guide Watson’s leadership style

Faith, family and community make all the difference in our ability to face life’s greatest challenges. Tom Watson is an overcomer who took great personal tragedy and turned it into great triumph. He continues to pay it forward every day and is a true inspiration.

Over the past few years, I have been honored to work alongside Tom Watson on various projects and have seen firsthand his gifts in leadership. These include his ability to see the bigger picture, along with his ability to bring people together. He is a gifted communicator and helps bring clarity and understanding to the table when needed. He makes and takes the time to listen to all sides, valuing each unique perspective in order to make the most informed decisions.

Tom Watson leads from the heart and keeps faith, family and community at the center of every decision. It is no wonder that he has twice been elected. I believe that during these unprecedented times, continuous leadership is especially important to keep our community moving forward.

Owensboro has truly been blessed by his leadership and I respectfully ask for your vote for Tom Watson for mayor.

Cathy Mullins


Voting Democratic is a vote against God

Ed Cupp, in a recent letter, ignored the sins of the Democratic Party and tried to blame the deaths of the coronavirus on President Trump. That is so asinine that it deserves no comment.

He looked over the riots of BLM and Antifa, the constant race-baiting of the Democratic Party and the promotion of sexual perversion. His major omission was the Democratic Party’s love of abortion. These are the facts. Biden and Harris support late-term abortion or the killing of a baby up to the time of birth. We call that murder, as does God.

Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence and a physician, stated that, “life’s first motion is produced by the male seed upon the female ovum…no sooner is the female ovum thus set in motion and the fetus formed than its capacity of life is supported.” The Founders knew that life begins at conception.

God will punish us for the murder of 60 million babies just as He punished Israel for sacrificing their children to false gods. Proverbs 24:11-12: “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, ‘behold we did not know this,’ does not he that weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he that keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man according to his work?”

God has given us time to repent. Voting Democratic is a vote against God and civilization.

Mike Reeves


Taylor is a leader we can be proud to support

In the 50 years I have known Dale Taylor, I have never found Dale to be jaded, one-sided or unfair. Dale was brought up in a wonderful home by parents who taught their two sons the importance of a wholesome life, fairness to all and strong values.

Dale is open-minded, will listen to the people and will carry through. He is exactly what we need in a commissioner.

He knows this town, having spent most all of his life here, being educated in our school systems, working in our local businesses and getting out among the people and the neighborhoods. Dale will work tirelessly for the residents of our wonderful city, the city we all love and call home, Owensboro.

If I sound one-sided, jaded and decided, I am. I don’t speak from meeting Dale, I speak from knowing Dale and have for a very long time. He is a leader we can be proud to support. You will not regret casting your vote for my friend, Dale Taylor. Make sure you do.

Teresa Yeiser


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