Christians being attacked

on ‘fairness’ issue

There is no fairness in a fairness ordinance. One person’s right to “fairness” cannot stomp on the constitutional rights of another person. Even if our county leaders enacted a fairness ordinance, just like any law, it can and will be ignored.

Do the citizens of the LGBTQ community believe that the very behavior they say exists will end with a fairness ordinance? The recent letters submitted in support of a fairness ordinance are attacking Christians whose interpretations of the Bible don’t agree with theirs. The fairness ordinance is said to have carve-outs for churches and Christians, so why are Christians being attacked on this issue? Because they dared to stand up and defend themselves.

The only purpose of a fairness ordinance is to give citizens in the LGBTQ community an avenue to sue those who they believe are guilty of discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. Despite the fact, it is practically impossible to prove since there isn’t one question on a job or rental application that asks your gender or sexual orientation.

Is LGBTQ discrimination systemic in Daviess County? Are our homeless shelters overpopulated by individuals from the LGBTQ community? Are there countless LBGTQ individuals standing in line at the unemployment office? No one is immune from discrimination despite the laws that are passed, and no community is perfect. I am sorry that the people in the LGBTQ community experience discrimination in our community, but a fairness ordinance will not change any one’s deeply held beliefs to which they are entitled under the First Amendment.

Carolyn Farmer


We don’t need ordinance

to protect hurt feelings

In response to Stan Lightner’s Readers Write letter: This is about the third time he has stated via Readers Write that he has been discriminated against. He has said he has “been called a lazy welfare queen.” It seems he wants a fairness ordinance to protect his feelings.

I was born just before WWII, and in those 80 years, I was called everything but a good milk cow. I was called things that would make a drunken, foul-mouthed sailor blush. In those very few events, I did not need the fairness police to step in to protect my feelings. I just moved away from the idiotic person who had the mental deficiency to make those statements.

I think Mr. Lightner, with all due respect, needs to toughen up and stay away from folks who treat him so bad. So, the debate and questions are: Does the local population have a major problem with discriminatory racists, bigots and intolerant people that we need a fairness ordinance. Do we need to do away with freedom of speech in order to protect everyone’s feelings?

We can make all the laws and ordinances we want, but in the end, these will never make life as we know it 100% fair.

James Goodall


(1) comment

Deanna Smith

A non-discrimination ordinance simply included gender identity and sexual orientation in an already existing discrimination ordinance that provides protection based on race, religion, age, etc. 90% of the language added to such an ordinance provides accommodations for those with a firmly held religious belief.

Therefore, a non-discrimination ordinance does not take away religious liberty.

Also worth noting, to say the lgbt+ community must toughen up their feelings lacks empathy and understanding. Toughening up our feelings will not protect us from workplace or housing discrimination. We must work together to better our home, not further divide it.

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