Letter was typical liberal nonsense

Mary Danhauer's July 15th letter made some statements about our nation and the Lord Jesus Christ that I disagree with. She charges America with running concentration camps at our southern border, mistreating various minorities and that our founding was inherently evil. She advocates the payment of reparations for all the people we have wronged.

This is typical liberal balderdash. The U.S. does not build concentration camps, we liberate them. The left wants to flood our nation with illegal aliens with the middle class paying for it. This equals political power to the Democrats who need a perpetual dependent class.

Benjamin Rush, a Founding Father, said the Constitution was "as much the work of Divine Providence as any miracle in the Old or New Testament." Reparations are owed to no one. The blood of patriots has paid any debt that anyone could claim. More than 300,000 Northern soldiers died to free the slaves and many more died to defeat tyranny in both world wars and other conflicts. Our heroes died for liberty, not socialism. Our blood-bought freedom gives opportunity to all.

She lowers Jesus to the role of a social justice warrior. In Luke 19:10 Jesus tells us that He came to "seek and to save that which was lost." All of us are sinners. While Jesus ate with sinners, He didn't partake of their sins. Where is Jesus today? He is standing at our heart's door wanting to come in. (Revelation 3:20) Won't you receive Him?

Mike Reeves


Better signage needed for Greenbelt trail crossings

Thank you for clarifying who has the right of way on the Adkisson Greenbelt Park trail crossings (M-I, June 24, "Greenbelt trail crossing rules met with confusion). I did not know that pedestrians and bicycles had the right of way.

Perhaps the city, county or state should please put up a "Yield" sign and maybe even a "Pedestrians and cyclers have right of way." A yellow flashing light would be extra nice.

I just don't want to get rear-ended by the car behind me.

Lizann Thompson


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