Being pro-life outweighs political mistakes

In his political campaign commercial, Andy Beshear proudly touts that his great-grandfather and grandfather were Baptist preachers. If the Baptist preachers were alive today, I'm certain that they would be extremely saddened with their great-grandson and grandson's view on the horrific procedure of abortion.

Yes, Gov. Matt Bevin may have made some past comments that some people have interpreted as being offensive; however, those comments pale in comparison to what Beshear has said about abortion. Beshear publicly supports a woman's right to violently rip apart her unborn child from her womb. Of course, Beshear prefers to conveniently use the euphemisms, such as reproductive rights and pro-choice, to mask the gruesome description of this procedure.

Let's not forget that Beshear is endorsed to noone's surprise by national groups, such as NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood.

Oh by the way, digressing briefly to another topic, those who may oppose the governor's method of trying to salvage the public pension fund and would rather have Beshear as governor to address the issue may want to ask Andy what daddy Steve did during his eight years as governor to try to keep the retirement system solvent, rather than "kick the can down the road."

If you espouse to believe in protecting the innocent unborn babies from the cruel and barbaric procedure of abortion you should, without hesitation, vote to re-elect the unapologetically and proven pro-life candidate, Gov. Bevin.

Louis E. Hoskins


Perhaps moving could be a positive for VFW

I am a veteran, but I am not a member of the VFW. The property tax increase is becoming a burden for them. I know that they do not want to sell their property, but I am trying to find a positive side to the situation.

If the VFW would consider selling, here is one possible scenario. Sell the property for $2 to $3 million or more and buy several acres outside the city limits (no city taxes) with a lake or construct a 2-3 acre lake with a walking trail around it. Add a couple of paddle boats. Families could go fishing. The weather and activities could possibly be therapy for some members. There could be plenty of parking and a couple of acres for picnics and family games.

They could also have a new half-million or million-dollar building with the amenities they want. Again, I know the VFW does not want to sell, but maybe, just maybe, the tax situation could be an opportunity. The saying is "when one door closes, another one opens." Again, I am trying to just look for a positive.

Earl Lanham


Better uses for tax dollars than bridge lights

$2.1 million dollars to light the bridge? What are we thinking? Is this the best use of our money? Will this make life in Owensboro any better?

It seems our city leaders are set on this happening. Lelan Hancock says it will make our bridge pop. Mayor Tom Watson says it is something the community wants to see happen. Sure, if it can be done with private donations and with no additional taxpayer expense, it would be nice. We have only collected $10,125 from donations, so maybe the community really does not care or simply does not want to pay for the lights.

Someone needs to say no. So, let me be the first -- use that money, if we have it to spend, on housing. I even live right next to the bridge. I also live next door to a run-down neighborhood on West First and West Second Streets. Those funds could go a long way to removing the dilapidated structures and replacing them with places people can actually call home.

Lee Anderson


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