The "heart tugging" narrative that columnists/writers' religious freedoms are under attack is offensive, unoriginal and not rooted in truth. In fact, both blatantly disregard the beliefs of those who do not conform to them.

The beauty of religious liberty is borne of the luxury I can worship as a Methodist and not be forced to worship as a Baptist, Jehovah's Witness, Catholic, etc. It's disgusting that those with audiences are pushing the narrative that "Democrats" or the "left" are trying to cancel religion, when in truth, it's to stop infringement on a fellow citizen. It works. I get it. But you will answer for it. Oh, the theatrics.

I'd like Theresa Rowe and her supporters to answer for their dear leader's refusal to turn over his DNA for a rape case, or let's say, his adulterous actions. Let's talk about adultery some, shall we? I can pick and choose topics also, you see?

And for the record, President Joe Biden didn't have to give out free hams at all (as alleged in a previous Readers Write letter) when I saw him speak in Philly. Not a one. It was standing room only.

PS. My mother is the same age as Biden. It's in very poor taste to attack someone from this angle.

Kim Gross


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