For the first four score and seven years of this great nation, and for centuries leading up to that moment, Democrats did some pretty terrible things to the Blacks of America. As a Republican, when I hear about Juneteenth Day, I think to myself, "You’re welcome," and I wonder why no one thanks me, and then I realize ... I didn’t do any of that. I didn’t fight any Confederate soldiers or free any slaves. I have no reason to feel that way.

To my liberal friends, I’d like to offer these healing words: You didn’t, either. You have no reason to feel ashamed.

Yes, what happened in America was wrong. No, it should never happen again, but before you remove this statue, I want you to remember just one word, Auschwitz. Everyone remembers what happened in Auschwitz. No Jew anywhere in the world wants Auschwitz to reopen and resume practice, but I doubt there's a single Jew that wants it torn down either, because they made a promise to those that didn’t make it, that what happened would never be forgotten.

No one wants to see a rise of slavery or a rise in white supremacy. Just like Auschwitz, we know it was wrong. No one denies it. Terrible things did happen, but we’re better human beings now, and just like Auschwitz, let’s keep that promise to future generations ... never again.

Chris Holt


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