The June 28 Messenger-Inquirer featured an excellent article on Page 1 about the difficulty African-Americans face having a future in Owensboro.

On the Opinion page was an In My View from Marcus Bosley that explained why that difficulty exists. Bosley’s misty-eyed glorification of the Confederacy lacked only a comment that “the slaves never had it so good.”

Mr. Bosley cherry-picked what he considers bad behavior from the Black Lives Matter movement but could find nothing bad to say about the Confederacy. It was just more of the tired lies we’ve heard for more than a century. The Civil War wasn’t about slavery, it was about “states’ rights.” Yes, the states’ right to own people. There was no other “right” at issue, which anyone interested in history beyond a statue could learn.

Sure, slavery was wrong, but the people who fought for the Confederacy “believed they were right,” and therefore are heroes, Mr. Bosley said. How convenient. That’s the same argument used for every society that stood by and did nothing while an atrocity was committed. Bosley claims to find slavery abhorrent, while wanting us to believe the people who favored it deserve honor. They don’t.

We have a statue on our courthouse lawn honoring a Confederacy in which Kentucky was not a member. It was installed not for honor, but as a reminder that some people aren’t considered equal to others. Remove it from our public square and say that we believe that all men and women are created equal.

Dan Heckel


Don Wilkins,, 270-691-7299

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