The use of compression brakes, an option for truckers, on the Natcher exit creates significant noise for hundreds of residents on either side of the I-165 exit ramp. The noise is so loud that recently we had to stop a conversation in our home until a truck’s compression brake noise stopped.

According to Kentucky law: 71.20 Unlawful Use of Engine and/or Compression Brakes, this is prohibited in neighborhoods. Many community governments post signs to prohibit their use.

Will the mayor help? Which of the county judge-executive and county commissioner candidates will step up for the Natcher neighborhood to abate this noise?

Jim F. Ellis


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I’m more than willing to bet that the Natcher predates the building of both this gentleman’s house or subdivision. He bought adjacent to a major roadway!! Reminds me of people that buy homes adjacent to airports, directly under the flight paths, and then complain of jet noise!

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