Are you going to accept the results of the coming election? I'm 68 years old and until the coming of Donald Trump, I've never had to listen to anyone ask such a stupid question. The worst part is, when they ask Trump, he never knows.

The worst thing about Trump not knowing if he's going to accept the results of the coming election, besides the fact that it's un-American and treasonous, is one second he's denying what every intelligence agency in the country has been saying about Russian interference in the last election, and the next second he's trying to sow the seeds of doubt about the integrity of the next one.

I know I'm in the minority here in my home state of Kentucky, surrounded by his loyal minions who accept as gospel every incoherent blithering which pours forth from the hole in the middle of his face, but in my defense, I just want to say that at least I'm consistent in that from the first time I became aware of the guy when he was just an obnoxious arrogant young draft dodger, and then graduating to the position of Dean at his own make believe Trump University, up through his time as the host of an unrealistic reality TV show, and now as a president unprepared to deal with reality, I can honestly say that I have never been able to, nor will I ever be able to, stand anything about the guy.

Mike King


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Jane Doe

1) Biden shouldn't concede if the election is fishy/tampered with (which it probably will be.)

2) I'm assuming you were just as opposed to the courts giving GWBush his first victory as well?

Bruce Pierce

Interesting you should say that Mike, the other day I was reading an article that Hillary Clinton was advising Joe Biden if President Trump won again to not give up and to fight things in court until the election outcome changes. Guess you're OK with that though.

Stanley Lightner

Typical tRump cultist putting words in the mouths of others. BTW, tRump should be hauled out of the White House in handcuffs and ankle chains and taken straight to Gitmo. Also, anyone supporting tRump is supporting a traitor.

Bruce Pierce

Bruce Pierce

Do a search for the words "Hillary Clinton tells Biden no to concede the election" and you will find Politico, NYPost, MSN,com along with a few others that will verify Hillary said that. I tried to post a link, seems the paper doesn't allow it so I am suggesting look for yourself don't just believe Stanley or I.

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