I am not happy, but I will abide. I will no longer post negatively about former president Donald Trump except in retaliation to Trump supporter’s posts. This does not mean I agree with the verdict. I honestly believe it was coerced, not arrived at by way of fair judgment. A verdict arrived at from fear of retribution; a verdict arrived at from improper preparation of legal wording. A verdict arrived at from bribery.

A crooked businessman has been underestimated in his skulduggery, underestimated in his ability to brainwash a few and underestimated in his ego to fulfill his dream of total power, not leadership.

This is not just a loss in the Senate, it’s a loss for democracy. It’s a loss for America. Although it will probably be impossible for Trump to gain any serious government office again, it is still a lack of responsibility of those in the position to satisfy honesty, integrity and the balance of blind justice.

If I thought Trump had a conscience, I would expect him to go peaceably. Unfortunately, I expect him to cower in the cover of our well-meant Constitution, scratching and clawing for underserved acquittals, like a rat that has escaped a trap of justice.

So, go in peace, Mr. Trump, a peace you do not deserve. Keep in the shadows, show not either of your tongues, throw no more rocks from your glass dwelling, and I, in turn, will be more forgiving and less like you.

Adrian Evans Sr.


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CAROLYN Williamson

I don't know if you watched any of the impeachment but the evidence presented did not prove that the President did what he was accused of. Selectively edited video clips are not evidence. I know you hate to hear this but President Trump is not going away and will not be quiet. I'm not sure how long it's been since you read the Constitution but maybe you need to refresh your memory on what democracy really is.

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