I would like to bring awareness to a possible huge voting error which could impact the election. After speaking with a few acquaintances, I came to the scary realization that a significant number of individuals have some major misconceptions about what it means to vote a “straight party ticket.”

Some individuals erroneously believe this covers every race on the ballot. That is incorrect! It actually only covers the first four races: presidential, senatorial, congressional and state representatives. Voting a straight party ticket does NOT mean you are voting for a member of your party in all of the non-partisan races: school board, judicial, mayor and city commissioners.

If you do not select a candidate for those races and only vote straight party ticket, then you, in fact, have failed to vote for a single candidate in those important local races, which have a huge impact on our community. A friend I encountered today was devastated to learn this, so I thought it was important to get the word out. She thought it was easier to vote straight ticket because she was not familiar with all the candidates.

I encourage anyone who feels that way to get recommendations from others whose world view you respect.  Better yet, read the excellent voter’s guide published Oct. 14 by the Messenger-Inquirer.

Melinda Schoenwald


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