What we don't want in a president:

Someone who will look us in the eye and tell us a bold face lie.

One who makes fun of those less fortunate.

Hires those of unsavory character.

Has his Attorney General gas peaceful demonstrators so he can hold a Bible in front of a church (maybe he should read it).

Will pardon those who are guilty.

Spend time tweeting unsavory things about fellow Americans.

Who fired the pandemic team as reported in 2018.

What we want in a president:

One who will tell the truth.

A God-fearing man.

Man of values.

Has good judgment.

Who can work with both sides of the aisle.

Will be a president for all the people

And someone our children can look up to.

Who fits this bill?

W.E. Blandford


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Stanley Lightner

Not "God fearing" but God respecting. That is a mis-translation from the original Greek. The original Greek word means to respect or be in awe of God.

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