Jeff Kuegel critiqued Theresa Rowe's column entitled, "Yes, God Knows Our Hearts." He charged her with presenting political views in a religious column, as if that was an unpardonable sin.

Politics has been invading religion for a long time. From 1962, when prayer was removed from schools, to 1973, when abortion was legalized, to 2015, when the courts ruled that they could redefine marriage, there has been a constant war on religion by politics. The Constitution allows Theresa to speak freely on any topic God gives her.

Theresa is accused of being one-sided and divisive. That puts her in good company. In Luke 12:51, Jesus stated that He came to cause division. The gospel is divisive. It sent Jesus to the cross and led to martyrdom for the Apostles. The gospel is one-sided, giving only one way of salvation (John 14:6). We have all sinned. We must repent of these sins and believe in Jesus Christ as our savior.

Liberals only want free speech that conforms to their narrative. They attacked former-president Donald Trump nonstop from day one of his presidency. Christians are told to ignore what President Joe Biden stands for and to unify behind him. We are told that he received a record number of votes, and he couldn't draw an audience if he gave away free hams. We are ordered not to question the election. Free speech allows us to question political issues. Thank God for bold voices like Theresa.

Mike Reeves


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CAROLYN Williamson

I think Ms. Rowe's letter was great and entirely appropriate. Many people have a false idea that separation of church and state is in the Constitution. It is not. The Founding Fathers quite clearly thought that God should be foremost in all aspects of our lives including our government. So, keep up the good fight Ms. Rowe, although many will not speak in your defense there is a multitude of Christians that support you.

CAROLYN Williamson

Great letter! Thank you.

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