On Jan. 6, 2021, we all were a witness to the Washington, D.C., riot and the outrage it generated in the news media and among politicians. They said it was an attack on our democracy and an insurrection. They were all outraged, calling for those involved to be held accountable. With all due respects, this was a one-day event in the capital, and all those involved should be held accountable.

However, these outraged news media and politicians seem to have a very short memory. We all recall the many months of major cities with long-running riots, looting and burning of business, and the attacks on the police and terrorizing of those people in those cities. Antifa was at the root of those riots.

In appeasement of those groups, cities cut funding of the police and crime and killing went way up. Where was the outrage of the news media and politicians during that long period of violence? I don't care who you are, if you cross the line from peaceful protest to violent riot, the law should come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "If destruction be our lot, it will come form with in." If we keep going down this road of bitterness, hatred and division, destruction will be our lot.

James Goodall


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Ronald Ward

I'd like to advise Mr. Goodall that while Trump defenders and loyalists have found it politically advantageous to compare BLM protests to the thugs who attacked our Capitol, it comes up short in any reasonable debate.

The statement that "Antifa was at the root of those riots" is inconsistent with reality as it not only neglects the well documented white supremist interference but it omits the nature of the entirely legitimate protests which was over policing.

Protests and violence are not synonyms. Conflating lawlessness with protests is a false narrative.

The root of these protests come from not simply seeing case after case such as Breonna Taylor and George Floyd in the most public way imaginable but from repeated failures to effectively address these shooting. If police departments would just take it upon themselves to get rid of the few bad cops in their ranks, we wouldn’t have to deal with public hostility toward police in general. The dedicated and competent police officers are getting no favors by making excuses for the few who are not.

Contrary to what right wing media outlets want us to believe, violence, riots and looting aren’t being encouraged or promoted by BLM or by the left any more than the spread of COVID-19. This is a lie told not to solve a problem, but to turn a problem into a tool for political manipulation.

CAROLYN Williamson

Several times throughout the summer we saw reporters standing if front of burning buildings saying "This is a mostly peaceful protest" and then there's Cuomo on CNN on BLM saying "Who says protests have to be peaceful?" What about the lack of response to WEEKS of violent rioting at a federal building in Portland? Are those federal employees and security agents less deserving of an intensive full investigation like we see for the one on January 6? Some of the federal security officers were permanently blinded, many were severely injured. The news looks the other way when it suits them and so do left leaning government officials.

The protests by both groups is rooted in the failure of officials to follow the written law in a fair and equal way. FYI-FBI report stated that the Capital riot was pre-planned and since there were few so incidents of violence at any of Trump's previous rallies I have to think the riot was pre-planned by outsiders.

CAROLYN Williamson

Keep up the good work!

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