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Ronald English

We did not receive our paper today (September 8, 2021). So, have been trying for over an hour to pull up on your website. After signing in as we do every Monday, click on newspaper, an advertisement for Kentucky Home Relief comes up. After closing it, screen shows "Thank you for reading." Apparently something is not working correctly. Called Customer Service, but have not had a call back in 20 minutes.

Ruth Gillaspie

I have not received my newspaper today--Jully 27.

MAXINE griffith

when will Monday edition start back

Steve Cheatham

[angry] Really getting old someone having to climb down in a steep ditch to get paper. She missed it yesterday, if not in ditch it's in busy highway 56.We have a wide area at end of driveway and she throws in ditch.

We're seniors and have no busy climbing in steep ditch. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and COPD, so this is a hardship for me to do.

Really stinks she NO LONGER puts paper in box.

Hope you will do something about this issue.

We live on Highway 56 outside of Beech Grove a mile.

Thanks for the poor service.

Steve Cheatham

Again paper in ditch. That makes 3 a week in ditch, if not there it's in Highway 56, very busy road[angry]

Roger or Connie Clark

Now 2 Sundays in a row and no paper. Paper was delivered last week with the Monday edition. Do not want it a day late. I know good workers are hard to find but this has been going on ifor the past 4 years. Delivery during the week is better than weekend.

Hugh M Payne

Sunday at 8:20 and still no paper!!!!! Hwy 951 Knottsville..... yesterday it arrived before 5:00am.... paper carrier not consistent at all!!!!!

Nelda Emmick

An ongoing problem....no paper yesterday or today! Close to cancelling our subscription! Jimmy Emmick, 8944 River Road, Lewisport

Margaret Willett

did not get Paper Wensday

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