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Sarah Todd

Jim Pickens.....Thanks once again for your continued coverage and writing of Western Kentucky University sports. I have stated this before....if we don’t get the coverage from your articles we don’t get it at all. Thank you for your time, dedication and effort that goes into bringing us sports news from the “Hill”. 🏀🏈⚾️. G. Todd.

Sarah Todd

WKU basketball....🏀......season 2018-2019.....CANNOT BELIEVE another loss like this! 😱. G. Todd

Sarah Todd

Dear Jim Pickens..... Two comments: First, “Thank you “ again for your continued coverage and articles on Western Kentucky University basketball. I too continue to be amazed and perplexed about the up and down wins and losses of this current Hilltoppers team. So much on court skill and chemistry; yet not near the consistent play of what should be. Please continue to keep us informed and updated on all you find on the “hill”. Second: In the past I was a staunch follower of Apollo High School basketball, but not as much as of late due to declining health issues. But I simply have one question. Q. Is there still a basketball program there and if it is....What on this green earth has happened. No one seems to be saying or writing about it.
* Thank you and don’t retire for a few more years to come.

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