I have caterpillars on my milkweed they are the striped caterpillars of the Monarch butterflies. I was looking on the leaves to see if the eggs had hatched, and there the little green and yellow and white striped caterpillars were, just munching away. I watched them awhile, but they just ignored me.

I went over to the Dutchman's Pipevine that is crawling all over a cattle panel that I put up a few years ago. The leaves are pretty and look like hearts, but the flowers are little pipe shaped blooms. The really neat thing is the rare and very beautiful Pipevine Butterfly, with its black wings and purple and white spots on it, will only lay its eggs on the Pipevine. When I got closer, I could see the edges of the leaves looked chewed on, and sure enough, there were little black hairy-looking caterpillars all along the edges. As soon as I touched a leaf, to look at the caterpillars better, they dropped off and fell to the ground. It was a protective mechanism, but it meant I had to wait an hour and then go back to see them. I was careful then not to touch the leaves or disturb them in any way.

Happy Birthday to Kevin Ellis. He will be having a birthday on July 18.

Blackberries are beginning to turn black. Won't be too long before it's time to spray on "OFF!" and head to the field to gather blackberries and make some cobblers.

I stopped by Musters Funeral Home after church Sunday. Roy Brown who had been a mechanic for many years had passed away. Many people had known Roy over the past few decades that he had either towed or worked on vehicles. He had towed and worked on my vehicles, and also my daddy's and brother's. Sympathy and prayers for his family.

There was a little tent and table outside of Walmart when I ran over to Owensboro to get some strawberry milk and other items. There was a man sitting at the table, and a boy in a red ball uniform standing beside it, begging for money to go to the tournament. I thought, what a shame. When I was a student needing money to go on a trip or tournament, we worked for it. We had cookie and candy sales, and we picked up corn and chunks of wood from fields. We sold popcorn and candy and drinks at ballgames to raise money for our class trip. When I taught school, our classes walked so many miles for donations from people and businesses in the county. They also walked the roads, with a parent following in a vehicle, and picked up aluminum cans and garbage. They were paid so much for a bag of garbage and the current rate for the cans.

I received an email from Wildthunder W.A.R.S., a Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation & Sanctuary in Iowa, and it said, "To all our bra wearing friends! When you discard one you no longer want, please remove the eye closures from the fasteners for us. We use them to mend our turtle shells. They can be sent to Wildthunder Wars 2584 Henley Ave. Independence IA 50644." The website shows turtles with damaged shells and how they use the eye closures. One is placed on each section and held together by a plastic and tightened to slowly bring the pieces together. When it heals the plastic can be taken off, or left on. I will be sending some in a couple of months, so I can send yours, too, if you wish! I'm at the Family Research Center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Everyone is invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

High in the northwest after dark, the Big Dipper hangs down by its handle as it begins its long, slow scoop toward the right.

One hour after sunset, as twilight is fading and the stars are coming out you'll find the two brightest stars of summer, Vega and Arcturus, equally near the zenith. Vega is toward the east, Arcturus toward the southwest.

You can reach me at gwillistree@yahoo.com or at 270-875-5317.

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