The following building permits were issued between April 19-25:

• 1028 Western Court, Habitat for Humanity, single-family residence, 1,490 square feet, $48,425

• 3187 Greenbriar Road, Austin Wiggins, single-family residence, 1,200 square feet, $39,000

• 6845 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes, single-family residence, 2,716 square feet, $88,270

• 6840 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes, single-family residence, 2,716 square feet, $88,270

• 6844 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes, single-family residence, 3,089 square feet, $100,393

• 3541 Saddle Bend, Thompson Homes, Inc., single-family residence, 3,073 square feet, $99,872

• 2122 Pebble Wood Drive, Jagoe Homes, single-family residence, 2,143 square feet, $69,647

• 2651 Avenue of the Parks, Tom Williams, construct a rear covered patio addition, $15,000

• 9101 Rummage Road, Connor Homes, addition to post-frame residence, $56,143

• 1718 Freeman Ave., Bobby Meeker — Outdoor Galore, construct covered patio addition, $35,000

• 3751 Airpark Drive, Guarantee Construction, remodel US Bank offices, $42,000

• 1614 Forrest Lane, Benjamin Berry, construct detached post-frame building, $27,066

• 5336 Jack Hinton Road, Randy Peay, construct detached post-frame building, $14,500

• 7155 Masonville Habit Road, Travis Lewis, garage renovations, $10,000

• 3955 Krystal Lane, Logan Stempien, construct detached post-frame building, $24,000

• 3602 Marycrest Drive West, Integrity Backyard Builds, install vinyl liner in in-ground pool, $74,190

• 2308 Deer Valley Blvd., Sweetwater Pools, construct in-ground swimming pool, $52,000

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