The following business licenses were issued between July 6 and July 9:

April Stacener, 5161 Jack Hinton Rd, Philpot, schools and instruction

Mark Reynolds, 3200 Pleasant Valley Road, Owensboro, real estate leasing

Sarah Tran, 900 Gardenside Drive, Owensboro, nail salon

Crown Investment Group LLC, 3450 Airpark Drive, Owensboro, residential leasing

The Body Snatcher, 615 Maple St., Owensboro, nail salon

A Team Investments LLC, 1020 Halifax Drive, Owensboro, residential leasing

Shawnee Land LLC, 1203 Griffith Ave., Owensboro, holding company

Grand Construction Co., 4502 Remington Way, Owensboro

V Somody LLC, Lewisport, residential leasing

Neighbours Food Mart, Schaumburg, Illinois

Lucas and Lucas Exterior Solutions, 1726 Mount Vernon Drive, Owensboro

Dahl Consulting, Edina, Minnesota

Carwile Innovations, 308 Catalina Drive, Owensboro, commercial and institutional construction

EL & Key Logistics LLC, 6648 Waterford Place, Owensboro, support for road transportation

Kentucky Properties Group LLC, 7625 Kentucky 56, Owensboro, residential leasing

Zeb Metals LLC, 4674 Honeysuckle Lane, Owensboro

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