The following business licenses were issued between May 3 and May 7:

Berckradele Solutions LLC, 117 E. 18th St., Owensboro, marketing consultant

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Inc., Hanover, New Jersey

Nicely Lawn Care, 5294 Ashland Ave., Owensboro

Pearle Vision, Cincinnati

MB & WH Properties LLC, 2524 Littlebrook Trail, Owensboro, residential leasing

Stephanie Hicks, 1200 E. Byers Ave., Owensboro, beauty salon

Lizzies Diner LLC, 1456 Stafford Court, Owensboro

One Stitch & More, 9939 Kelly Cemetery Road, Maceo, household goods repair and maintenance

The Natural Coach, 3579 Chambers St., Owensboro, pharmacy

Danos Cigar Lounge LLC, 3207 Meadowland Drive, Owensboro

OIC Pilots LLC, 2 Plum St., Owensboro, transportation equipment leasing

Novelis Corporation, Atlanta, aluminum

Redica Systems Inc., Pleasanton, California, software publishers

Power Home Solar LLC, Concord, North Carolina

The Bees Knees Bakery & Goods, 2516 Duke Drive, Owensboro

DJ Photography, 3513 E. Surrey Drive, Owensboro

Profile by Sanford, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, food supplements

Njoy Indoor Play LLC, 3938 Evergreen Drive, Owensboro

Black Sheep Antiques, 6537 Sutherlin Lane, Utica

Heitmeyer Building & Design, Pickerington, Ohio

See Through Window Cleaning, 6664 U.S. 231, Utica

Moorman’s Lawn Care, 723 Dornell St., Owensboro

Roman Acres LLC, 3721 Fischer Road, Owensboro, non-residential leasing

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