At its 5 p.m. meeting Thursday on the second floor at the Daviess County Courthouse, Daviess Fiscal Court took up the following agenda items:

• Proclaimed Nov. 14 as Diabetes Awareness Day

Approved the following:

• An MOU with the City of Owensboro and Owensboro Christian Church for the 2020/2021 White Flag Events

• An MOA between the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department for Local Government and Daviess Fiscal Court for the Horse Fork Creek Park Accessible Playground

• An MOA between the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Military Affairs Division of Emergency Management and EMA Regarding 2020 EMA Program Funds

• Kentucky Emergency Management Assist. Program Non-Supplanting Certification Grant Funds

Awarded the following:

• RFQ 12-2020: Five (5) Sets of Turnout Gear (Fire Rescue)

• RFQ 13-2020: Emergency Lighting for Rescue Units (Fire Rescue)

• RFQ 14-2020: Trailer Floor Repair (Transfer Station)

• RFQ 15-2020: EOC A/V Equipment Relocation (EMA)

• Bid No. 43-2020: One (1) New Class A Fire Engine (Fire Rescue-Moseleyville)

• Bid No. 45-2020: County Courthouse Renovation (Fiscal Court)

• Bid No. 46-2020: East Transfer Station Building (Transfer Station)

Hired the following seasonal interns: Dylan Payne (Engineering Department); JR Goetz (Engineering Department) Jayden Bickett (Engineering Department) Garrett Snyder (Road Department); and Nathan Lanham (Road Department).

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