The following real estate transfers were recorded between March 26 to March 31:

1502 Pearl St., Gregory O’Bryan to Timothy and Dorothy Embry, $10,000

2210 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,400

2210 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Cho Cho and Kyaw Kyaw, $193,940

2316 Monrow Ave., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,500

2316 Monrow Ave., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Keenan Young and Odette Acton-Young, $289,983

7191 Kentucky 815, Joseph and Sherry Ashby to Alex and Robin Hay, $335,000

8726 Kentucky 762, Kimberly Oliver to Troy and Sarah Mills, $31,000

3233 Shadewood Terrace, estate of Mary Whitehouse to Mary Swift, $215,000

7451 Kentucky 762, Christine McKinney and Helen McKinney to Nicholas and Melissa Miller, $64,500

3755 Curdsville Delaware Road, Beau and Laura Beth Mitchell to David and Emilylynn Alsip, $325,000

2117 Arlington Park Drive, Extreme RE Limited Liability Co. to Delbert Henry, $46,000

5159 Seabiscuit Loop, Jonathan and Jessica Wilson to Robert and Kasey Boehmann, $248,000

4333 McIntire Crossing, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to Blonde Flamingo LLC, $96,000

2103 Meadowhill Lane, Jace and Annika Moller to Shannon and Kevin Robbins, $229,900

300 Southtown Blvd., South Central Bank of Daviess County Inc. to GOB Investments, $1.7 million

1418 Washington Ave., Dana Gordon to HMH Properties LLC, $12,000

7225 Old Masonville Road, Thomas and Kathy Turner to Joseph and Sherri Ashby, $385,000

2913 Saratoga Court, Thomas and Jodi Thompson to Gregory and Vicki Salen, $170,000

4688 Forest Drive, Michael Crabtree to Thompson Homes Inc. $49,000

2037 Griffith Ave., Vernon and Kelly Wathen to Country Roads Residential LLC, $183,000

2510 Dillard Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jessica and Michael Lashley, $319,390

212 Tennyson Drive, Bradley and Tonya Embry to Mitchell and Sheridan Jones, $120,000

5696 Lane Road, Michael and Kenna Shutt to Rubylyn Moore and Troy Trogden, $260,000

Small portions added to 5832 Hayden Bridge Road, Jacob Cox to Samuel and Stacy Holinde, $10,500 for three tracts

2045 E. Graham Lane, Donny Oborski to Dylan Daugherty, $125,000

609 Pin High Drive, Dolores Young to Nancy Houk, $228,000

3038 Allen St., Andrew Fulkerson and Kaitlyn Pauley to Karlee Millay, $103,000

4101 Red Clover Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $37,000

4101 Red Clover Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Stephanie and Justin Rhinerson, $345,870

2630 Avenue of the Parks, Kimberly Danzer to Sara and Seth McCabe, $310,000

6276 Ditto Road, Jared and Shannon Kessinger to Eric and Kyleigh Harrington, $349,900

3501 Surrey Drive E., Nancy Metcalf to Madison Koller, $75,000

1525 Graves Lane, Aaron and Sarah Bullington to Jordan and Jason Bishop, $215,000

3155 Avenue of the Parks, Valerie Bartley to Hillary Turner, $190,000

10776 Old Leitchfield Road, Emett and Melissa Barnett to Megan and Roger Beets, $370,000

8055 Monarch Road, James and Vicki Mattingly to Terry and Misty Mattingly, $12,000

1416 Alexander Ave., Daniel Shock to Jason and Virginia Tong, $5,000

412 Ford Ave., Jeff Durbin and Cassandra Payne-Durbin to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., $230,000

412 Ford Ave., Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to John Hampton Sr. and Paul Hampton, $230,000

2013 Westview Drive, Dream Design LLC to Shawn Ender, $189,900

3210 Hayden Bridge Road, Robert and Kasey Boehmann to Aaron Williams, $189,000

1710 E. 21st St., Troy Trogden to Jo Watson, $104,500

2127 Clinton Place W., Baucis Philemon Investments LLC to Cynthia and Michael Jean, $271,000

Editor’s Note: The following real estate transfers were inadvertently left out and recorded between Dec. 1 to Dec. 11:

3475 Man-O-War Loop N., Rebecca Burns to Michael and Mary Boothe, $173,900

4371 Harbor Hills Trace, Kenneth and Martha Powell to James and Stephanie Pate, $215,000

1755 Sterling Valley Drive, Larry and Denise Hamilton to Michael Warner, $324,500

1759 Sterling Valley Drive, Larry and Denise Hamilton to Michael Warner, $25,500

9273 Knottsville-Mount Zion Road, Kathryn Pence to Francis and Janet Lanham, $100,000

6631 Pleasant Valley Road, Amanda Roby to Anna and Robert Kuhner, $166,893

2100 Summer Walk, Tyler and Jennifer Marlman to Larry and Linda Morris, $228,000

2602 Count Fleet Loop, Per Reh and Mary Meh to Norma Moss, $155,000

6840 Creekview Court E., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Steven and Elizabeth Caudill, $255,000

2725 Avenue of the Parks, Travis and Jessica Farris to Tyler and Jennifer Marlman, $277,000

4317 Springhurst Lane, Francis and Polina Dufrayne to Vinayak Nadar and Mia Larson, $444,900

1605 Pawnee Place, Jason Smith to Cynthia and Albert Goatee, $109,000

3971 Goodwin Road, Alice Boarman to William Murphy, $216,600

5731 Kentucky 144, Joyce Peercy to Douglas Payne, $200,000

1805 Littlewood Drive, J. Todd and Cathy Switzer to Benjamin and Cassey Vessels, $515,000

5157 Trifecta Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Tanner Pruitt and Presley Henshaw, $248,670

2200 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,400

3890 Little Bluestem Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

4034 Little Bluestem Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

6849 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $43,825

6845 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $43,825

5105 Kentucky 142, estate of Russell Adams to David Adkins and others, $178,000

3130 Ridgewood St., David and Linda Dant to Donald and Brenda Edge, $88,000

1826 Stonewall Court, Owen and Katherine Robinson and others to Amber Thompson, $63,000

2524 Farrier Place, Greg Properties LLC to Rogelio Sandoval and Cecilia Rios, $189,500

5230 Trifecta Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Michael and Stephanie Houtchen, $299,309

908 McGill St., Legacy Contracting of Kentucky LLC to Adam Satterfield, $64,900

8624 Sawmill Road, Jason Roberts to Jonathon and Alisha Greathouse, $265,000

8624 Sawmill Road, Jonathon and Alisha Greathouse to Rising Sons Farms LLC., $225,903

1435 Bowie Trail, Hartlew LLC to Maheshkumar Patel, $1,000

4731 McIntire Crossing, Marshell Goins to Jackson Lubin and Amber Fortner-Lubin, $155,000

Farm property on Hayden Bridge Road — Anthony and Paula Bittel to Anthony Bittel III, $177,875 for 1/2 interest

Farm property on Hayden Bridge Road — Donald and Bonnie Bittel to Anthony Bittel III, $284,600 for 1/2 interest

6857 Creekview Court E., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,225

6857 Creekview Court E., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jason Adcock and Sarah Faxon, $264,243

524 Camden Circle, Amanda Fischer to Amie Walters, $179,000

6360 Valley Brook Trace, Elizabeth and Steven Caudill to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $176,675

3291 Bold Forbes Way, estate of Magdalene Allison to Peggy and Wendell Ratcliff, $160,000

5113 Sturbridge Place, Jessica Boling and Roger Boling to Tonia Howard, $156,000

708 Hathaway St., C&D Property Management to Justin Davidson, $8,000

6102 Alma Court, James Slaton to Megan and McKae Maddox, $160,000

9359 Stanley Birk City Road, Charles Alvey to Frank and Jennifer Rust, $35,000

1708 Lock Ave., Ruth Hagerman to Terry and Andrea Matthews, $35,000

3304 Baybrook St., estate of Helen Byers and others to Joseph Legg, $85,000

6113 Fairmont Court, Shirley Fuller to James Thomas, $135,000 for 1/2 interest

2421 Elder Drive, Leah Keown to Alisa Young, $128,900

9866 Morgantown Road, Jamison and Erica Beyke to Sara Sloan, $155,000

803 Poindexter St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to Dream Design Inc., $7,800

2606 Sunrise Drive, Mary F. Mattingly Testament Trust and others to Dwayne and Kimberly Baldwin, $80,000

1303 Rose Hill Drive, Christopher and Stacey Hart-Epley to Kathryn Pence, $122,000

1244 Yelvington-Knotsville Road, Michael and Meagan Goss to Jason and Emily Payne, $315,000

4409 Fairbairn Court, Christopher Stanishia and Melanie Stanishia to Angela and Whitney McCormick, $249,900

2238 Ponder Place, estate of Harry Steele to Ka Htoo and Mu Way, $154,300

2231 Twenty Grand Ave., Jared and Destiny Daugherty to John Rightmyer, $170,000

3739 Legacy Run, Deborah and John Briody to Day Reh and Eh Kalee, $143,000

7110 Kentucky 231, Peggy and Wendell Ratcliff and others to Amanda Fischer, $265,000

9141 Sacra Drive, Sheila Estes to Charles Redmon, $78,000

10811 Kentucky 431, Larry and Deborah Holt to Melanie Stanishia, $279,000

3436 Royal Drive, Rebecca Boykin and Janice Smith to Tah Say and Kya Hai, $170,000

3085 Avenue of the Parks, Andrew and Amber Farmer to Nai Than and Mi Mon, $174,900

2300 W. Seventh St., Ricky and Jeanette Walker to Dwayne Joseph Jr., $55,000

1701 Burton Road, Donna and James Johnson to William and Denice Kemper, $24,900

818 Clay St., Alice Rankin to Samuel and Marissa Heitzman, $79,900

1926 Robin Road, John and Danielle Drake to Richard and Cheryl Rykwalder, $169,000

714 E. Glenn Court, Jeffrey and Mary Priar and others to Jerry and Virginia Bailey, $52,500

7163 Kentucky 144, Jamie and Cory Dozark to Brandon Boswell, $211,000

111 Cinderella Drive, estate of Norma Collier to Guy Harris, $287,000

719 Foust Ave., Robert Puckett Declaration of Living Trust to Local Property Holdings LLC, $160,000

3237 Spring Ridge Parkway, Andrew and Brittany Howard to Adam and Krystal Flowers, $345,000

3625 Briarcliff Trace, Larry and Lamone Mayfield to Andrew and Brittany Howard, $455,000

9030 W. Fifth St. Road, Bridgette and Cody Whitt and others to Charles Alvey, $45,000

2212 Locust St., Ryan and Christina Clark to Patrick and Alma Ward, $135,000

6259 Valley Brook Trace, Jason and Emily Payne to Brian Clark and Deanna Porter, $269,500

261 Coast Guard Lane, Deanna Porter and Brian Clark to Joshua Glover, $189,900

455 Sutton Lane, Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro-Daviess County Inc. to Sherri Adams, $95,000

3404 Chickasaw Drive, Lalita and Mirza Beg to Robin and Dennis Rone, $75,000 for 1/2 interest

4283 Saddlebrooke Trail, R. Scott and Anne Gleason to Benjamin and Sarah Maddox, $277,500

2004 Hughes Ave., Margaret Adams to Autumn Kessenger, $85,000

637 Kentucky 140 E., Gustavo and Angelica Cisneros to Adam and Jessica Dye, $115,000

3807 Bordeaux Loop S., Donald and Terri Volk to Julie Hohenadel, $183,000

2908 Choctaw Drive, estate of Joseph Thomas to Phillip and Norma Hayden, $150,000

5303 Queens Way, James and Deborah Stein to Mark and Layla Thompson, $191,000

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