The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 15 to June 22:

2313 Secretariat Drive, Eric Reynolds and Kelsey Jarboe to Justin and Kristen Hale, $189,900

1546 College Drive, Eugene and Jennie Clemens to Terry and Kristy Cooney, $400,000

1919 Lydia Drive, Eric and Stephanie Bertram to Brian and Roxanne Hardin, $195,000

731 Jackson St., The Arc of Owensboro Inc. to Friends of Sinners Inc., $250,000

14 Hilltop Drive, James and Carolyn Kassinger to Heath and Meredith Allen, $549,000

9001 Sands Road, Aloysious and Margaret Cecil to Francisco Coronado and Faith Briones, $460,000

10180 Campground Road, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to CWD Properties LLC, $25,001

9958 Collier Road, David Payne to Jacob and Olivia Baker, $160,000

9960 Collier Road, David Payne to Jacob and Olivia Baker, $40,000

4212 Hunter Pointe, Heath and Meredith Allen to Kevan and Ashley Kelly, $529,900

10228 Hall School Road, John and Andrea Patterson to Daniel and Crystal Spears, $225,000

606 Bolivar St., Angela Nave and Hurley Crain to Mohammad Malik, $80,000

1475 Ragu Drive, Hayden Development Co. LLC to JJP Jumpin Jack LLC, $35,000

3839 Springtree Drive, Ray and Jenny Jones and others to Cody Ross, $188,000

2510 W. Parrish Ave., Harold McCarty Jr. to Mark and Carla Roberson, $178,000 for three parcels

2514 W. Parrish Ave. Apt. A, Harold McCarty Jr. to Mark and Carla Roberson, $178,000 for three parcels

2514 W. Parrish Ave. Apt. B, Harold McCarty Jr. to Mark and Carla Roberson, $178,000 for three parcels

1711 Bluegrass Court, Anderson Investments LLC to Rhoads Investments LLC, $468,000 for two parcels

1714 Bluegrass Court, Anderson Investments LLC to Rhoads Investments LLC, $468,000 for two parcels

3756 Boulder Lane, John and Janet Ward to Paul and Julie Thornton, $315,000

2223 Robin Road, Daniel and Zoe Fulkerson to Emily Wheeler, $110,000

2132 York Drive, Steven Haire to Slade Ross, $189,000

4034 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jason and Hillary Harrington, $268,800

1828 Freeman Ave., Terry Smith to James Quisenberry, $155,000

3243 Meadowland Drive, Ray and Jenny Jones to MSL Investments LLC, $65,000 for one-half interest

6150 Alma Court, Zachary Daugherty to Johnny and Emily Hampton, $140,000

3420 E. 10th St., Space Sloth LLC to Sky Hutchinson, $99,900

2351 Homestead Pointe, Adam and Andrea Mischel to Janetlee and Frank Hatt, $194,000

2680 Rush Trail, Logan and Emily Sloan to Janice Hutchison, $225,000

3674 S. Hampton Road, Ronnie and Carla Edge to Logan and Emily Sloan, $354,900

3219 Ridgewood St., Larry and Patricia Murphy Revocable Trust to Tonya Mayfield, $66,056

2320 W. Sixth St., Lonesome Pine Trail Properties LLC to Caitlin Tarbush, $69,500

2005 Clinton Place E., Matthew and Amanda Wilson to James Gillette, $165,000

4106 Harbor Hills Trace, Derek and Tasia Thompson to Shirley Fuller, $166,000

185 McFarland Road, estate of Bettie Loyal to Jonathan and Nicole Billiter, $42,900

175 McFarland Road, estate of Bettie Loyal to Carroll and Mary McGehee, $45,000

3318 E. Sixth St., Patrick Hayden to Win Htut and Su Mon, $180,000

1631 Alexander Ave., Barrett and Bonnie Phillips to Rebecca Smith, $95,000

6565 Horrell Road, C. Neal and Regina Wedding to William and Catherine Miles, $255,000

3517 Dove Loop S., Tina and Cardell Leisure and others to Stacie Sauerheber and David Landers, $154,000

340 Whittier Drive, DBC Investments LLC to BCB Homes LLC, $75,000

1136 W. Wayside Drive, estate of Harold Stevens Sr. to Pranjel LLC, $100,000

1919 Ottawa Drive, Kuo Lin and Shu Chen to Jackie and Lydie Boone, $113,900

2207 Westview Drive, Diana Williams to Wesley and Marrisa Criss, $195,000

1149 Castlewood Place, Stephanie and Billy Doom and others to Treychip Enterprises LLC, $102,500

2137 Collins Drive, Elena Williamson to Joshua and Kayla Bidwell, $85,000

11065 Kentucky 231, George and Connie Morgan to Jerred Matthews, $200,000

Farm property on Kentucky 405, Deane Heritage LLC to Brian and Whitney Payne, $725,000

1725 Cherokee Drive, Eunice Williams to Colin Davis and Marina Herraiz, $150,000

601 E. 14th St., Aned LLC and Eleanor Sutton to Bryman LLC, $140,000

3485 Kentucky 140 E., Roger Adams Sr. to Daniel and Magan Humphrey, $175,000

2555 Old Kentucky 144, Garrett and Jessica Gordon to Hugh and Samantha Cravens, $269,900

5085 Millers Mill Road, Hugh and Samantha Cravens to Kelly Anderson, $140,000

10265 Kentucky 334, Roger Bassett to Thomas and Lindsey Duncan, $35,000

4319 Kentucky 142, Erin and Michael Wegrzyn to 1810 Alexander LLC, $65,000

3650 Thruston Dermont Road, Richard Russelburg to Janzon Adams, $140,000

1640 Roosevelt Road, David and Jan Scott to Brian and Jennifer Flaherty, $210,000

2208 Middleground Drive N., Camille Rankin to Mackenzie Harper, $175,000

2511 Krauss Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $37,500

2511 Krauss Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Christy Sui and Langh Suan and others, $296,720

6565 Roy Wells Road, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Ginny and Manuel Ball, $350,976

2812 Chippewa Drive, Anna and Michael West to Chuck Smith and Krystal Conley, $146,500

3224 St. Ann St., Jaylin LLC to Nicholas Allen, $50,000

1853 Chesterfield Drive, Jaylin LLC to Nicholas Allen, $50,000

1560 Roosevelt Road, estate of Robert Bradley Jr. to Steven Haire, $310,000

2760 E. Wayside Drive, William and Darla Wimsatt to Nicholas Pavlas, $90,000

731 Jed Place, William and Darla Wimsatt to Nicholas Pavlas, $20,000

727 Jed Place, William and Darla Wimsatt to Nicholas Pavlas, $50,000

Residential property on Hall School Road, Earl and Sherri Hendrix to Brandon and Rachel Jozwick, $80,000

4713 Kings Mill Drive, Ashley Emmick to Karyleen Irizarry, $149,000

2517 Farrier Place, Leslie Burton and others to Maybell Stallings, $172,000

1415 W. 11th St., Jerry and Brenda Simon and others to Christopher and Debra Bowley, $100,000

2776 Russell Road, Susan Allen to Aaron and Brandi Hoover, $175,000

1109 Griffith Ave., Professional Properties and Construction LLC to Jared and Amy Powell, $949,000

1627 W. 12th St., estate of Darryl Morris to Kentucky Apartments LLC, $225,000

501 Raintree Drive, estate of Jennifer Sexton to Randal Boling, $120,000

9433 Morgantown Road, Kenneth and Sheila Nash to Aaron and Heather Stephens, $80,000

1515 W. Fifth St., Marie Enterprises LLC to Sheyanna Underwood, $55,000

824 E. 20th St., Christopher and Mary Payne to Nicholas Pavlas, $59,000

902 E. Fifth St., Cunningham Rentals LLC to Nicholas Pavlas, $51,000

155 McFarland Road, estate of Bettie Loyal to Benjamin Bramschreiber, $42,900

2713 Dartmouth Drive, Sheila Staples to Matthew and Susan Cavins, $252,000

3660 Saddle Bend, Thompson Homes Inc. to Linda McGinnis, $255,504

2131 Village Run, Sarah Thames to David Matlock and Angela Taylor, $155,000

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