The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 22 to June 30:

1951 Whispering Meadows Drive, Robert and Holly Mallory to Bryan Lanham and Ashley Emmick, $299,900

218 W. Warwick Dr., DBC Investments LLC to Jonathan and Whitney Sheriff, $130,000

3424 Frederica St., Gordon and Connie Barnett to BHG Holdings LLC, $800,000

8300 Kentucky 144, Western Kentucky Minerals Inc. to Nicholas and Jennifer Wellman, $115,000

761 Sturgeon Ave., Austin Reel to Tanner Straneva and Makayla Wiseman, $152,000

3846 Bowlds Court, Tara Thompson to Storey Ross-Brown, $250,000

1225 Gilbert Lane, Janet and Roger Crabtree and others to SJJB Holdings LLC and Brandon Standiford, $60,000

3026 Creek Branch Cove, Lawrence and Leigh Strahan to Fred Bosse and Lisa Rotz, $292,500

1602 Lock Ave., Julia Bailey to Danny and Terri Clouse, $240,000

3314 Ridgewood St., David Matlock to Sara Santilli and Richard Ortiz, $114,900

2633 Central Park Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Morgan Hedges, $195,000

2627 Southwood Ave., TJB Investments LLC to Matthew Tinnell, $89,900

1241 E. Wayside Drive, Kenneth Robb to Nicholas Pavlas, $50,000

3303 Chickasaw Drive, James and April Hays to IF KY LLC, $210,000

6825 Creekview Court E., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $26,225

6825 Creekview Court E., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Trevor and Allyson Wilson, $292,370

2721 Morningside Drive, Mary Hagan to Jontae Green, $123,000

4093 Red Clover Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $37,250

4093 Red Clover Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Edward and Janella Moy, $326,115

1917 E. 17th St., Mark and Angela Hinton to Kathleen Ward, $74,000

1624 Ohio St., Paula Childs and others to Jeffrey Payne, $64,400

7161 Joe Haynes Road, James and Nicole Evans to Charles Phillips and Cassandra Ballard, $159,000

9037 Aubrey Road, Timothy Davis to James Payne, $142,500

1415 E. Parrish Ave., Edward Belfiglio to Treychip Enterprises LLC, $108,000

1633 W. First St., Keeley Gaddis to Jenifer Gaddis, $79,000

6277 Brookstone Place, Jennifer and Jared Wise to Steven Fulkerson, $229,900

6285 Sutherlin Lane, William and Tracy Greer and others to Samuel and Suzanne Hohiemer, $50,809

8960 Kentucky 144, Lanham Family Farms LLC to Jordon and April Lanham, $255,876 for one-half interest

9525 Old Hartford Road, BWT Rentals LLC to Patrick Barr and Keith Bracelin, $142,500

1912 Gunston Place, Dennis Kerwick to Joshua Millay, $139,900

2146 Boarman Drive, Jordan Murphy and Sarah Murphy to Brenda Walling, $119,000

4097 Little Bluestem Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $39,000

4097 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jimitkumar and Hemanginben Patel, $306,405

99 Booth Field Road, Kyle and Lindsey Hayden to Richard and Connie Brown, $290,000

4014 Mayflower Drive, Massie-Clark Development Co. to David and Clare McBrayer, $40,500

7437 Kentucky 405, Lucas and Shannon Harrington to Jacob Lucas, $220,000

3039 Quincy Court, Joseph and Lorynn Willis to Edith Collier, $120,000

2523 Carryback Court, Robert and Lori Thompson to Tiah Brown, $209,000

1711 Virginia Court, Carrie Bennett to Nicolas Miller, $16,000

6564 Masonville Habit Road, Jeffrey and Billie Woodruff to Michael Mattingly, $259,900

3918 Placid Place W., Ricky and Bridget Schisler to Mark and Angela Hinton, $149,900

4226 Edgewood Court, estate of Charles McKinnis Jr. to Christopher and Kristen McBride, $246,688

2625 Central Park Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Devan and Benjamin Knott, $184,900

4466 Spring Hill Drive Apt. B, Jack Hatfield to Judy Bertke, $232,500

3791 Legacy Run, Xing Lin to Thaung Chum and Ca Ca, $166,000

501 Tampa Drive, Jessica Payne to Kendra Walters, $98,000

6965 Oklahoma Laffoon Road, Vicki Nash to Stephanie and Jeffrey Nash, $110,000

3051 Stirrup Loop, Christopher and Kristen McBride to Braden Johnson and Sydney Tignor, $189,900

1427 Greenwood Court, Joshua and Kim Mattingly to Zachary Thompson, $180,000

3604 War Admiral Drive, Danny and Terri Clouse to Sharon Robey, $205,900

2017 Hughes Ave., Harini Cardwell and Joseph Cardwell to Russell Hansbrough, $40,000

527 Orchard Street, Jacob and Jenifer Wilcox to Jaman Robertson Jr. and Amanda Martin, $112,400

419 W. Ninth St., Mark Rush and Melanie Parker to Courtney and Kristel Wright, $156,000

4619 McIntire Crossing, Arthur and Lisa Neel to CTC Investments LLC, $150,000

2324 Heritage Park Drive, Sovian LLC to Blake Fulkerson and Heather Williams, $163,000

3238 E. 10th St., Dream Design LLC and TEK Enterprises LLC to Dustin and Taylor Reesman, $159,900

818 Greenbriar St., Cheryl and Eric Hayden to Tara and Uraul Roblero, $98,000

912 Marianna Drive, Rhonda Dickerson to Austin Mattingly, $133,000

3421 Royal Drive, Todd and Erica Houston to Nicholas and Leah Jacobs, $185,000

11025 Kentucky 231, Dennis Redd to Charles Westerfield, $47,000

2512 Nelson Ave., Hestia Properties LLC to Jarrett and Lillie Roberts, $129,000

7.745 acres added to 9025 Wall Road, Loyd Bartlett to Danny and Shelly Richeson, $40,000

1600 Leitchfield Road, Tabitha Arnold to Courtney Gish, $126,000

701 Fulton Drive, Sovian LLC to 701 Fulton OKY LLC, $145,000

3741 Medley Road, Jane Roberts and Connie Cook to Andrew and Leslie Clark, $580,000

2019 Viola Gardens, Randa Hassan to Anna Allen, $172,000

5206 Trifecta Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Joshua and Brandy Fairchild, $231,326

2416 Farrier Place, Ashley Berry to Aubrey Pendino and Tyler Hochstetler, $195,000

2670 Cherry Blossom Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Victoria Simon, $208,625

1832 Bonnie Castle Drive, Andrew and Leslie Clark to Brian and Virginia Meadows, $455,000

201 Bon Harbor Hills, Wendell Smith to David and Debra Westerfield, $230,000

1613 W. Third St., Old School Investments LLC to Charles and Edwina Istre, $17,500

3444 Royal Drive, estate of Carroll Safreed to Joshua and Misty Tooley, $165,000

308 Brown Court, David and Debra Westerfield to Timothy and Lisa Moss, $249,500

2304 Monroe Ave., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,500

2304 Monroe Ave., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Rhonda Dickerson, $272,440

2535 Krauss Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $39,900

2535 Krauss Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Melissa and Dewayne Rogers, $357,285

4719 Kings Mill Drive, Leslie Bruce to Lee and Cody Bodnar, $165,000

4870 Millers Mill Road, Craig and Elaina Behnke to Jacob and Kelsey Smith, $184,900

4116 Fogle Drive, Patricia Matthews to Mykael and Diva Cline, $140,000

3785 Thruston Dermont Road, Larry and Stephen Roberts to Mark Rush and Melanie Parker, $199,900

210 Stewart Court, William E. Danhauer Jr. Trust to Jeffrey and Jennifer Danhauer, $481,603

4250 Ben Head Road, Charles and Lianne Haynes and others to Anthony Brown, $67,000

2039 Breckenridge St., Morgan Roby and Isaac Mattingly to Todd and Anita Kaysinger, $99,900

4846 Ridge Creek Road, Stanley Bittman to Cary and Shannon Matthis, $540,000

2267 Flowerette Court, Matthew Edmonson to Jeffery and Jill Stewart, $214,900

408 Magnolia Drive, Kristen and Paul Hayden to William R. Genet Revocable Living Trust, $330,000

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