The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 24-30, 2020:

6849 Creekview Court East, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,225

6849 Creekview Court East, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Amanda Merle, $248,163

2750 Settles Road, Michael and Pamela Lewis to David and Kimberly Docimo, $589,000

1925 Griffith Ave., Amanda Wood to Terry and Jennifer Koller, $115,050

570 Jed Place, Kent Estep to Sangam Investment LLC, $33,000

9636 Kentucky 662, George ad Tracey Liebert to Kenneth and Vicki Rafferty, $369,900

1004 Audubon Ave., Elaine McMurtie to Lisa Tarpley $87,000

2309 Ben Ali Court, Benjamin King to Scott and Nina Anderson, $140,000

2300 Deer Valley Blvd., Anne and Jeremy Wink to Damion and Amanda Evans, $323,777

2125 Griffith Ave., Brooke and Robert Morris and Leonard Matheny to Aaron and Hayden Morris, $275,550

6286 Valley Brook Trace, Kurt and Jennifer Doering to Sean Greene, $197,900

3601 Gallant Fox Court, Kevin Griffin, Derrick and Carol Griffin, Richard and Jacquelyn Griffin, and Donald Griffin to Linda Dukes and Abriel Moore, $141,000

3601 Hawthorne Drive, Hillard and Halie Riley to Zachary Grable, $148,900

2378 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to David Rourk, $181,475

2920 Kentucky 279 South, John Boarman, Kenneth and Johanna Boarman, and Patrick and Judith Boarman to Brian and Crystal Richards, $45,000

2890 Kentucky 142, Jonathan Hurm to Ryan and Mackenzie Parsons, $135,000

1205 St. Ann St., Neal and Naomi Golovin to Jennifer Salvina, $130,000

4631 Arborgate Drive, Arthur and Mary Gray to Denette Johnston, $265,000

165 Wilder Drive, Sean and Ellen Walsh to Alisa and Dennis Coleman, $79,950

1817 Breckenridge St., West Rental Properties LLC to Maheshkumar Patel, $67,000

67 Colonial Court, Lena Smiley to Robin Nest LLC, $69,900

3844 McIntire Crossing, Ginger Carter and William Boehm to Kevin Lang, $129,500

4499 Cool Springs Cove, James Martin to Brandon and Tabitha Lucas, $408,000

4735 Wembley Way, Jeffrey and Vicky Woods to Kristine Jones, $168,900

4047 Hayden Road, Legacy Contracting of Kentucky LLC to Saw Ku Mu and Tha Dah Paw, $260,000

1 Quail Ridge Court, Apt. C, Rudy Martin Drive LLC to Sterling Hardesty, $100,000

2245 Citation Ave., William and Katelyn Weaver to Nya Aung Khin Paw, $160,000

3854 Springtree Drive, Luke and Tabatha Camp to David Grossman, $135,400

729 Wing Ave., Kendra Hazelip to Eva Jones, $89,400

1512 Leitchfield Road, True Son Properties LLC to Akacia Walker, $64,900

5110 Veach Road, David and Kathy Pruden to James and Lauri Marksberry, $29,500

812 George St., Robert Bryant Rentals LLC to David Cruz, $5,000

2206 South Landsdowne, Rhonda and Jeff Durham to Christopher Webster, $168,000

3932 Cross Creek Trail, Alvin and Rebecca Buck to Karen Rednour, $250,000

1111 Woodsmere Lane, Jamus and Annie Edwards to Eric and Jennifer Hicks, $280,011

2615 Old Hartford Road, Herman and Margaret O’Bryan to Paul Felts, $189,900

3121 Allen St., Kent Estep to Jeff and Rhonda Durham, $84,500

2724 Wimsatt Court, John and Julie Midkiff to Lauren and Brittany Goffine, $160,000

4050 Pine Lake Court, Max and Patricia Long to James and Annie Edwards, $315,000

2028 Stratford Drive, Caro Goedde to Rebecca and William Ballard, $247,000

7366 Old Highway 81, James Tyre to Kendra Hazelip, $154,000

2499 Winning Colors Way, Gregory Ferrell, Jennifer Williams and Katherine Farrell to Rosemary Paw, $179,900

2113 Meadow Grass Creek, Anna and James Allen to Jessica Austin, $195,500

2131 Carriage Drive, James DeMaio to Nicholas Evans, $142,500

3011 Legion Park Drive, Gary and Karen Means to Mary Beavers, $92,500

2249 Collins Drive, Eric and Gina Holeman to Cody Robertson and Ashley Kruta-Robertson, $98,500

7235 and 7215 Stevens School Road, John and Kristen Jones to Gary and Karen Means, $254,900

1917 Epworth Lane, Theresa Hayden and Darrell Haire to Elizabeth and Isaac Wilkerson, $131,028

2602 New Hartford Road, Marian Turley to TJR Group LLC, $110,000

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