The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 26 and August 18.

1053 Hill Ave., Mayfair Square Development Group LLC to Harvey Andrew Poret III and Sarah Poret, $574,054

303 East 20th St., Brian Molet to Nathan Riley, $62,500

2780 Greenback Road, Marian Sue Lahman to David Gregory Bickett, $385,000

518 East 5th St., Master Commissioner Angela L. Thompson to Kings Right LLC, $8,000

2430 Fairview Spur, Wanda J. Volk Estate to Traci Westerfield, $225,000

2430A Fairview Spur, Wanda J. Volk Estate to Traci Westerfield, $50,000

1706 Sanctuary, Tyler Green and Kirby Green to Paul Curtis and Jenna Curtis, $375,000

3914 Little Bluestem Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

3914 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Patricia A. Loboda, $398,240

719 Dornell St., Master Commissioner Angela L. Thompson to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, $77,815

5144 Essex Drive, James Robert Payne to Michael Bickett and Kimberly Lane, $120,000

4513 Countryside Drive, Estate of Jo Ann Knott and others to Benjamin C. Smeathers, $165,000

1800 Asbury Place, Mary A. Simpson to MSL Investments LLC, Pinnacle Point LLC, $143,000

3016 Strawbridge Place, Spencer Rentals #1 to Eric Reynolds and Kelsey Jarboe, $110,500

6655 Barcroft, The Estate of Milton C. Crowe Jr. to James M. Martin, $555,000

6381 Foster Road, David T. Johnson and Leanne D. Johnson to Jennifer Beth Lampkin and Robert Corum Lampkin, $360,000

6719 Barcroft Drive, Larry A. Menche and Kim L. Menche to Ronald Repsher and Elizabeth Repsher, $600,000

705 Fargo St., The Estate of Florence J. Tapp and others to Cynthia Merriwether, Ryan Douglas Merriwether, $120,000

2480 Krauss Court, Loise Barstead Murdock to William R. Jagoe IV and Melissa J. Jagoe, $287,500

924 Crabtree Ave., Mendy Embry and James E. Embry Jr. to Glover Property Management Inc., $120,000

2230 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Louise Barstead Murdock, Bradley Scott Young, $41,900

2528 Krauss Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Walter Michael Bosse and Megan Jayne Bosse, $39,900

5105 Diamond Drive, Stephanie Michellle Orth and Nicholas Henry Orth to Timothy J. Clothier and Tammy Lynn Clothier, $256,000

1112 Halifax Drive, Debynie Sowder and Keith Sowder and others to Keith Whitney, Sonya Dixon, $286,900

2910 Trails Way, Trevor J. Hamilton and Megan N. Hamilton to Emily G. Fuller and Daniel S. Fuller, $255,000

6605 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $44,250

6605 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kristopher Alan Eans and Nicole Kennedy Eans, $368,875

2134 Berkshire Drive, Cody Weakley and Jennifer Weakley to Leland Grant Smith, Michael W. Smith and Donna Smith, $129,900

2431 Hunt Ave., Keith A. Menzies and Donya Menzies to Jordan Schartung, $179,000

2223 Yewells Landing South, Kevin A. Brown and Savannah Brown to Kenzie Jones Edmonson and Joshua Tyler Edmonson, $235,000

2232 Wintergreen Loop South, Paul E. Nave and Arretta L. Nave to Benjamin Joseph Englert and Veronica M. Englert, $244,900

1811 Monarch Ave., Sarah E. Bradley to Sandra Noble, $129,900

6126 Wayne Bridge Road, Kenneth A. Slaton and Jessica N. Slaton to Kolton Blake Drake and Jessica Catherine Drake, $215,000

1918 Fawn Drive, Donna Butler and Jerry Butler to Jessica Slaton and Kenneth Slaton, $320,000

4418 McIntire Crossing, The Fares Family Revocable Living Trust to Carmen Velasquez, Josh Cumpton, $219,900

2166 Pin Oak Drive, Master Commissioner Angela L. Thompson to Spencer County Bank, $162,000

1027 Worthington Road, William Cary Overall and Kerrie Michelle Overall to Keith Gebhard and Kathy Gebhard, $297,500

2400 Stratford Drive North, The Estate of Barry Lee Hearth to Jon Johnson, $161,000

3008 Pleasant Valley Road, Agnes M. Harley to Shara Hamilton, $300,000

4729 Whistle Rock Court, Haven Montague to Jessica n. Fulgoni, $260,000

1456 Stafford Court, John Thompson and Elizabeth Thompson to Alvin Isiah Knox and Sarai N. Knox, $370,000

2605 Daviess St., Judy Kapelsohn to Nicholas J. McDaniel and Felice M. McDaniel, $94,000

2517 Gallahadion Court, Donald D. Pickle to Kayla Austin, $143,000

244 Coleman Chenault Lane, Adam Hendrix and Leslie Hendrix to Ramon Ortiz, $38,000

2012 East 19th St., Jack Dickens and Deborah Lynn Dickens to Donna J. McLevain, $102,500

701 Maple Ave., Christopher A. Gendek and Ashley D. Gendek to Jacob Z. Durall and Heather N. Durall, $183,900

1617 West 1st St., Wilson Rentals LLC to ShaRaya Wagner and Anthony Anderson, $75,000

4024 Mayflower Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Richard Franklin Brown, $365,500

3929 Brookfield Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Christopher A. Gendek and Ashley D. Gendek, $396,990

1308 Werner Ave., Richard F. Brown to Doris Worthington, $145,000

755 Parkway Drive, The Estate of Patsy C. Ball to Wayne Robbins and Patty Robbins, $189,000

7663 Stevens School Road, Joshua Stone and Heather M. Stone to William N. Howard St. and Whitney Howard, $174,900

943 Gardenside Drive, The Estate of Helen Louise Thompson to SWJ LLC, $90,000

266 Redbud Road, The Estate of Charlotte Jane Bradley to Lee Canary and Pamela Canary, $117,000

721 Breckenridge St., Dana Linn Worth to Johnny Goodman Jr., $175,000

2218 Amethyst Court, James Stimpfel to Gordon G. Bayless and Mary E. Beck, $239,900

6448 Valley Brook Trace, Jacqueline Diane Delano to Clemens Holdings LLC, $230,000

3736 War Admiral Drive, Richard G. Norris to Nicholas Knott and Terri Knott, $217,000

7569 Crooked Creek Road, Kimberly Dawn Magliner to Greensprings Homebuyers LLC, $155,000

1426 Jackson St., Owensboro Area Affordable Housing Solutions Inc. to Jennifer Jones, $190,000

2219 Reigh Count Drive, Barbara Y. Huff to Timothy W. Kirkpatrick and Virginia Kirkpatrick, $246,000

1408 Hall St., Kenneth Burcham to Juliana J. Meza, $7,000

2864 Brooks Parkway, Amrik Singh Jammu and Navjot Kaur to Joshua L. Barnes and Kara Barnes, $300,000

2954 Legion Park Drive, Edwin L. Ramsay and Marilyn C. Ramsay to Robinson Homes LLC, $120,000

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