The following real estate transfers were recorded between Feb. 12 to Feb. 19:

4520 Lake Forest Drive, Garrett and Jennifer Keller to Xing Lin, $383,000

5314 Ashland Ave., Christy Sumner Investments LLC to Patrick Cecil, $127,000

4307 Hawthorne Drive, Ann and William Payne to Brandon Fischer, $72,000

4620 Rome Parkway, Hank and Stormy Sowders to Kliricia Loc and Adam Mullican, $164,900

3164 Alvey Park Drive E., Vicki Frey and David Thompson to Booker Property Management LLC, $825,000

232 Kentucky 431, Paul Whitaker and Betty Whitaker to Thompson Farms, $385,000

2407 Mayfair Ave., Kendall Moore to Ashley Higgins, $235,000

1812 Sunset Drive, Samuel and Melissa Bach to Kevin Fogle, $120,000

941 W. First St., Terry and Michelle McKee to MKC Properties LLC, $130,000

2260 Flowerette Court, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Ray and Jenny Jones, $140,000 for 1/2 interest

3000 Greenhill Drive, U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Green River Holdings LLC, $70,000

4515 Stony River Cove, Laura Conley to Amy Nix, $185,900

2125 Carriage Drive, Kristina and Adam Wright to Brigitta and Danny Adkins, $134,900

101 W. Legion Blvd., Melanie Millay to Another Coppage Rentals LLC, $80,000

1633 Payne Ave., Treeview Properties LLC to Mickey Bowman, $25,000

4470 Kentucky 554, Matthew Bartlett to Gerald and Debra Sims, $130,000

6647 Harmony Drive, Jeremy and Amanda Stephens to Adam and Kristina Wright, $186,000

5058 Back Square Drive, Park Regency Senior Services LLC to Park Regency Owner LLC, $4,750,000

4042 Little Bluestem Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

4042 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Daniel and Carrie Stone, $232,250

2219 Frederica St., Frank and Erie Wagner to Elizabeth Bozeman, $66,925

111 E. 23rd St., Nickolas Smith to James and Mary Kirk, $165,900

206 E. 24th St., Eric Baker to Hunter Ramming LLC, $97,900

4339 Plantation Pointe, Dhyanesh and Lopa Patel to Thomas and Sally Stoermer, $314,150

4128 Jefferson St., Chris and Janet May to James May, $125,000

130 Locust Grove Road E., CDA Holdings LLC to Larry and Anna Klee, $32,803

403 Eastwood Drive, Tonya and Charles Hall to Hunter Ramming LLC, $95,000

212 E. 22nd St., Deborah Russell to Paul and Donna Cunningham, $75,000

4812 Ridge Creek Road, Harold and Christina Jones to Robin and Elizabeth Hicks, $900,000

3080 Steeplechase, Jaime Scheffer and Joel Scheffer to Ethan and Danielle Board, $239,900

9310 Sauer Lane, Edward and Jill Conrad to Lexie Burns, $58,000

1702 Lock Ave., Ernie Sampson to Michael and Alisa Stevens, $20,000

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