The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 14 through July 20:

4801 Goetz Drive, The Brothers Lodge No. 132, Independent Order of Odd Fellows to J.E.D. Rentals LLC, $250,000

8371 Haynes Station Road, Jared Keller to Raymond Keller, $285,000

28514 New Hartford Road, Suite B, DZC LLC to Crosspointe LLC, $1,100,000

1209 Wayside Drive West, Patricia Ann Black, Donna Marie Goetz to Austin Bryce Young, $125,000

2717 East Yellowstone Drive, David Lee Franey to Hsa Daw Doh and Way Lay Paw, $144,900

1703 East 24th St., Kristina K. Knapp to Jenifer Lee Bartley, $160,625

2940 Silver Charm Cove, Pauletta Kirkwood to Frieda K. Calhoun, $222,900

3716 Bold Ruler Court, Robert J. Pritchard and Rachel E. Pritchard to Sarah G. Thomas and Johnathan D. Thomas, $190,000

7443 Steven’s School Road, Jacob Young and Leslie Young to Candice Rae Ballard and Jacob Daniel Ballard, $255,000

1836 Fawn Drive, Donald E. Fraser Sr. to Jacob Malachi Williamson and Destiny Delynn Williamson, $210,000

5522 Skyline Drive, Kenneth W. Burns and Angela C. Burns to Daniel Vickery, $240,000

10469 Main Cross St., Jacob D. Ballard and Candice Ballard to Madison Nichole Mikes, $135,000

4557 Bridle Ridge Court, The Marvin L. Armstrong and Faye W. Armstrong Family Living Revocable Trust to Ronald G. Ellis and Phyllis A. Ellis, $312,000

1323 Booth Ave., Yikrant Golen and Priyanka Golen to Betty Lue Boultinhouse, $163,000

5225 Sheffield Drive, Christopher E. Hagan and Kimberly M. Hagan to Austin Tyler Dobbs and Meredith M. Daunhauer, $250,500

4514 Indian Creek Loop, Kerry D. White and Jessica T. White to Jason L. Carlton, Lewis A. Foster, $383,150

9606 Highway 1389, Glenn Muffett Jr. and Joyce M. Muffett to Brady Atherton, $265,000

1171 Yelvington Knottsville Road, Betty L. Greenwell to Joshua Wayne Morris, $135,000

4108 Farmington Court, Angela Harrington and Nathan Harrington to Charles H. Green and Mary S. Green, $170,000

1025 Rogers Court, Mike Stinnett, Kelly Stinnett to Gary Barlett and Sonya Bartlett, $249,900

10133 Walnut St., Jeffrey S. Dickens and Rachel Myers Dickens to Nathan Harrington and Angela K. Harrington, $275,000

1931 Freeman Ave., Kristin E. Atwell and Charles T. Atwell to Mona Hamilton, $276,900

6581 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $33,750

6581 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jessica A. Brazier and Zachary Brazier, $243,950

2111 McFarland Ave., 111 Properties LLC to Peter Sims and Elizabeth Sims, $6,000

2249 Woodstone Court, Scott Walston and Aldorie Walston to Colin L. Zerk and Jasmine Zerk, $339,900

3443 Oaklane Drive, Estate of Janet E. Carrico and others to John Alexander Hyland and Catherine Hyland, $247,500

2330 Heritage Park Drive, Thwa Meh to Baw Meh, $200,000

2118 Village Run, Patrick B. Ward and Alma L. Ward to Just The Very Best LLC, $152,000

1013 Audubon Ave., George William Johnson and Cynthia Gale Johnson to Alishia Jean Young and Zachary Rex Young, $163,000

1106 Moreland Ave., Allison Turner and Cody Turner to Saphire Crabtree, $138,500

413 East 27th St., Colburn Properties LLC to Makaelah Janise Gilles, $112,900

2501 Avenue of the Parks, Gary W. Field and Misty E. Field to Shannon Byrd, Laura Pfeifer, $384,900

2069 Little Stream Run, Duane Whistle and Louisa Whistle to Patricia Cary, $305,000

4682 Ben Head Road, Tina Roby and Bill Roby to Austin T. James, Briana N. Nix, $308,000

3625 Hawthorne Drive, Patricia Louise Cary to John Ross Martin, $176,000

8525 Todd Bridge Road, Estate of C. Maurice Payne and others to Charles C. Hayden and Susan M. Hayden, $52,000

9639 Highway 1389, Ily Sandefur and Clara Sandefur to Jennifer D. Seaton, $282,900

1901 Celebration Circle, Scott A. Alder and Gina Alder to Duane Ward and Bridgett Ward, $435,000

1906 East 20th St., Everly Sales and Rentals LLC to Christopher Reese, $90,900

2145 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $31,300

2145 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Dong KY LLC, $232,850

6593 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Zili Cao and Shou Ahu Qiu, $242,330

3220 Trails Way, Myles Lee, Lauren Widner to Laura Ann Goforth and Tracy Goforth, $185,000

218 Tremont Drive, Megan I. Mattingly to Jordan Mattingly, $129,900

3222 Queens Way, Kenna Carden and others to Marksberry Real Estate LLC, $180,000

4609 Tanglewood Park Cove, Janice P. Park to Gary W. Dirr and Barbara A. Dirr, $405,000

4445 Cool Springs Cove, William F. Boone and Sheila K. Boone to Justis Stolz and Megan Stolz, $530,000

851 Live Oak Place, The Estate of Shirley Jane Pederson Coppick to Mary K. Coppick, $225,000

1213 Daviess St., Jordan Tong and Sarah Tong to Caleb Potter, $52,000 (1/2 interest)

5109 Trifecta Place, Thomson Homes Inc. to Travis Owsley and Lexie Owsley, $242,244

3924 Yates Drive, Fulcrum Holdings LLC to Colton Baker, Angelique McKeny, $155,000

126 Goldfinch Drive, Jaclyn Haynes and Reat Haynes to Paula Mason and Steve Mason, Kathy Jo Adams, $190,000

1020 East 19th St., Estate of Lois Marie Duke to Pamela Thomson, $115,900

1535 West 3rd St., Virgil M. Curtis Jr. to LYM Properties LLC, $66,000

9 Quail Ridge Court, C., TEK Enterprises LLC to Linda Mitchell, $156,000

2111 Summer Walk, William J. Zik and Brittany C. Zik to Nicholas C. White, Hannah T., Ransom, $272,500

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