The following real estate transfers were recorded between May 17 to May 19:

Farm property on Kentucky 142, Branden and Rebecca Haines to Kelly Harris, $256,500

3271 Vanover Road, Delbert Henry to Andrew and Melanie England, $135,000

.752 acres added to 11091 Old Leitchfield Road, Joyce Phegley to Randal and April Murphy, $6,000

6301 Lee Rudy Road, Vohnell Mullican to Benjamin and Sara Murphy, $420,000

10301 Kentucky 231, Montie and Norma Edwards to Tyler and Laura Beddow, $250,000

6628 Kingston Drive, Jason and Laura Lee to James and Carrie Cousins, $729,900

1918 Robin Road, Thomas and May Gipe and others to Richard and Laura Casey, $270,000

2425 Elder Drive, Judy Staples and Patrick Tucci to Kara Liebenauer, $127,000

1013 Holly Ave., Herman and Joy Beliles to Gavin McKay, $96,000

2528 Needles Court, Steve and Amanda Millay to Betsy Garant and Conan McBride, $205,000

1 Quail Ridge Court Apt. A, Viola Prevas to Catharine Nelson, $134,000

2309 Becklynn Drive, Megan and John Fisher to Austin and Kelsey Kimmell, $210,000

508 Alpha St., Sangam Investments LLC to Malik Naseem, $15,000

1408 Jackson St., Mohammad Malik to Pranjel LLC, $50,000

2611 W. Ninth St., estate of Thomas Moorman Jr. to Matthew and Carrie Hackney, $108,000

524 Maplewood Drive, Nick and Crystal Tuttle to Rui Tuttle, $99,500

2287 Monroe Ave., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,500

2287 Monroe Ave., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Sydney Smith and Marilyn VanWinkle, $263,085

326 Griffith Ave., Thomas and Marilyn Wilkerson to Hannah Young, $260,000

631 Manchester Loop, Marvin and Dawn Holton to Timothy Gish and Danyel Martin, $210,000

111 E. 22nd St., Anita Johnson and Vivian Johnson to Kelsey Haynes, $144,000

2936 Cheyenne Drive, Stephen and Sara DeLoach to Miguel Garcia and Elexis Romero, $175,000

12130 Kentucky 431, Stacey and Christian Connor to Caleb Williamson and Ashia Smith, $150,000

59 Gilmour Court, Thomas and Tammy Howard to Rogetta and Chad Morris, $90,000

3512 Legacy Run, Scott Bocianoski to Klo Mu and Shee Shee Paw, $229,000

5533 Mulberry Place, Hillary and James Simmons to Michael Atherton, $238,000

863 Live Oak Place, Margie Williams to James O’Bryan, $169,900

7046 McPherson Road, Dillion Investment Properties LLC to Tyler Bash, $158,000

934 Eastwood Drive, Edward and Mary Weaver to Kyle and Victoria Bartlett, $170,000

1709 E. 24th St., TG Holdings LLC to Molly and Connor Sperling, $128,000

4110 Fogle Drive, Poonam Gollen to La Kyee and Dah Ree, $160,000

2117 Griffith Ave., Amy Bird to Jordawn Howard, $173,000

4110 Goose Lake Cove, David and Leigh Castlen to Trevor and Maria Turner, $421,000

8919 Aubrey Road, William and Amanda Sosh to Marc and Jessica Ray, $140,000

4000 Fogle Drive, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to REM Investments LLC, $115,000

4413 Old Hartford Road, Beth and Brian Davis to Craig and Elaina Behnke, $241,000

1918 Tim Tam Court, Patricia Richey to Ray and Jenny Jones and others, $100,000

Editor’s Note: The following real estate transfers were inadvertently left out and recorded between Jan. 19 to Jan. 26:

4521 Stonegate Drive, estate of James Hummel to Susan Griffin, $295,900

9570 Kentucky 231, Joshua and Lindsey Wermling to Whitney Howard, $150,000

10110 Campground Road, David and Cynthia Freshwater to Dakota Shreve, $212,900

2265 Meadowhill Lane, Andrew Thompson to David and Charity Dersheimer, $239,900

1086 Yelvington Lane, Charles Taylor to Christopher Claypool, $35,000

4020 Reliant Circle, Kyle Lahna and Brittany Seiler to Sue and Robert Heid, $169,900

3816 Legacy Run, Susan Dockery to Edna Rentals LLC, $125,000

1925 Hughes Ave., Brandon Adams to Samuel and Valerie Cole, $58,000

4100 Red Clover Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

4100 Red Clover Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Tara and Jarod Allen, $263,622

3711 Marseille Drive, Pat and Carolyn Cason to Olivia Cason, $195,000

2204 Bent Grass Pointe, Benjamin and Barbara Pierce to Jamie Scheffer and Michelle Byrne, $227,400

1056 Yelvington Lane, Hines Properties LLC to Ian and Lily O’Brien, $12,000

1621 Barclay Ave., Robert and Ginger Burns to Jeffery and Jennifer Tinius, $67,500

8711 Kingfisher Lake Road, Brad Kendall and Maisie Cessna to Robert and Janice Bishop, $265,000

1917 Wyandotte Ave., David Fulkerson to William Wilson, $111,900

1701 Booth Ave., Anna Anderson to Howard and Barbara Noffsinger, $117,500

1747 Navajo Drive, Tyler and Sarah Frey to Katie Elkins, $162,000

1918 McCreary Ave., Cassey and Benjamin Vessels to Nicholas and Andrea McCrary, $225,000

5684 Locust Lane, KSB LLC to Nickie and Jared Norris, $266,500

4127 McIntire Crossing, Nathan Cook to Connor Gross, $158,000

515 Montgomery Ave., Mission Properties LLC to Whitney Merritt, $85,000

707 Eastwood Drive, David and Jessica Owens to WAP Properties LLC, $70,000

.459 acres added to 7181 Kentucky 762, Regina Hite to Joshua and Natalie Alsip, $2,000

1148 Triplett St., Timothy and Taylor Turner and others to Michael Baker and OWB Downtown LLC, $4,000 for one-half interest

3207 Millstone Circle, Rose Higdon to Nicholas and Terri Knott, $110,000

2017 Wimbledon Court, estate of Joyce Taylor to Jennifer Siddons and Sharon Steinbeck, $215,750

523 W. Byers Ave., Ranson and Natasha Welborn to David and Cynthia Freshwater, $149,900

2800 Kentucky 279 S., Gregory and Teresa Scott to Timothy and Naimeh Pearl, $41,500

2623 Kingman Loop S., Melba Schemmel to Harold and Merlene Pitt, $175,000

1409 Jackson St., Brittney and Joseph Higdon to Timothy Ashworth, $69,500

2816 Western Parkway, estate of James Blue Sr. to Malanie Coomes, $199,900

715 Deer Haven Drive, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to Treychip Enterprises LLC, $44,700

2939 Reid Road, Benjamin E. Roberts Sr. Family Irrevocable Trust to Benjamin Roberts, $120,000

118 St. Ann St., Timothy and Taylor Turner and others to OWB Downtown LLC, $75,000 for one-half interest

4251 Ben Head Road, Habit Farms LLC to Hines Properties LLC, $133,000

8407 Joe Haynes Road, estate of Abram Turner to James Chapman, $130,000

2647 Cherry Blossom Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,225

2647 Cherry Blossom Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Brittany Bell, $171,054

2016 Sheridan Place, Morton B. and Janelle Downs Jr. Family Irrevocable Trust to Charles and Mary Combs, $165,800

6833 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $43,825

6833 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to David and Tiffanie Howard, $284,342

925 McFarland Road, Joseph and Sara Coots to Jamie and Christina Arnold, $18,000

2410 French St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to City of Owensboro, $12,000

2408 French St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to City of Owensboro, $18,000

7387 Kentucky 81, Austin and Jacqueline Glenn to Stuart and Jaime Snow, $49,380

706 George St., Michael and Alisa Stevens to Rehoboth Pentecostal Church Inc., $6,500

1721 Bluff Ave., Jaxon Tate Investments LLC to Cecilia Garcia and Leticia Elisea, $94,900

6841 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jonathan and Crystal Williamson, $322,705

2256 Lovell Drive, David Moseley to William and Kendall Allgood, $120,000

119 Plum St., Perry Arnold to Patti Richey, $30,000

2420 Griffith Ave. Charlesetta Conkright to Jeremy Wheatley, $128,000

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