The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 9-23, 2020:

3408 Dove Loop South, Thomas and Gwendolyn Poston to David and Angela Fedrick, $150,000

2901 Eastern Parkway, Anne Schroll to Steve and Joyce Wills, $118,000

2423 Mayfair Drive, Jason Miller to Donald and Mary Cinnamond, $192,000

6383 Valley Brook Trace, Daniel Ray to Christopher Sowders, $163,900

6348 Creekview Court East, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Noel and Karianne Steen, $243,265

3827 Shelly Drive, Robert and Sonya Drury to Jennifer Davis, $93,000

905 Holly Avenue, Lonesome Pine Trail Properties LLC to Ashley Stevens, $93,500

2617 Dellwood Valley Lane, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jamie and Sarah Fulcher, $233,053

4475 Greenacre Drive, Aaron Buck to Sarah and Harold Griffin, $244,500

7128 Highway 815, Daniel and Candi Fulkerson to Jesse McCarthy, $109,900

5018 Diamond Drive, Joseph and Katie Minton to Christopher Toney and Monica Hensley, $202,000

6525 Foster Road, Angie Edge to Jim Meyer, $114,900

1142 Castlewood Place, Joshua Lashbrook to Elicia Burnett, $108,000

250 Southtown Boulevard, Southtown Real Estate Company LLC to Davis Auto Group LLC, $700,000

1509 Roosevelt Road, Paul and Stephanie Rafferty to Adolfo Miranda, $172,000

2001 Little Stream Run, Anna Webb to Jeffrey and Rhonda Arnold, $239,900

7180 KY-815, Dean and Brenda Piskula to Madison Jones, $30,000

1024 Griffith Avenue, Melissa and Daniel Burlew to James and Carolyn Kassinger, $1,696,000

2023 Daniels Lane, Edgar and Linda Rafferty to Paul and Stephanie Rafferty, $220,000

11033 Redhill Maxwell Road, Larry and Ann Laney to Christopher and Angela Davis, $173,250

4605 Winkler Road, Crandall Properties LLC to Payne-Duff Properties LLC, $30,000

1230 Maple Avenue, Bobbie Alexander to Kenneth Rideout, $105,000

2117 Arlington Park Drive, Barry Duncan to Pauline Payne, $20,000

2876 Silver Creek Loop, Carla Cotton to Forrest Ayer, $207,305

1915 East 18th Street, Kara Taylor to Jessica Daugherty, $79,900

2632 Epworth Lane, Christopher and Kristen Murphy, and Benjamin and Sara Murphy to Janet Girten, $121,000

2423 Haviland Drive, Theresa Sweeney to Amy Jeffers, $104,000

1735 Virginia Court, Forrest and Amanda Hamilton to Joshua Richardson, $88,500

2379 Red Oak Run, Thompson Homes Inc. to Larry and Jenni Shadowen, $302,000

923 Hermitage Drive, Eric and Rebecca Potter to Daniel Howard and Maelin Wheeler, $175,000

6468 Autumn Valley Trace, Jacob and Kelsey Smith to Ryan and Amanda Pearce, $174,500

6525 Foster Road, Randall Bittel to Jim Meyer, $105,100

4549 Wayne Bridge Road, TJHT Properties LLC to Benjamin Hardesty and Casey Thomas-Hardesty, $211,600

801 George Madison Drive, Bruce and Patricia Simmons to Sherman and Cheryl Cook, $131,000

724 Wandering Lane, James and Sherri Sumner to Lora and Desean Phelps, $123,000

2102 Crestwood Drive, Gregory Carter to David and Theresa Sweeney, $220,000

2037 Westview Drive, Donald and Debra LaGrange, $152,000

1728 Daviess Street, Jim and Tara Oberst, and Gary and Lori Cecil to GRACExecutive Properties LLC, $57,500

1306 Locust Street, Meredith Cabell to Ryan Osborne, $172,000

1523 Pearl Street, Judy and Eddie Stamper, and Brenda and Jerry Condor to Ethel and Hubert Vowels, $65,000

4605 Winkler Road, Payne-Duff Properties LLC to Earl and Brittany Williams, $38,000

1619 Pearl Street, James Howard to Katelin Lang, $90,000

1818 Chesterfield Drive North, Joseph and Tamara Alvey to Jonathan and Tine Patton, $59,900

1008 Gardenside Drive, Frank Roberts and Elizabeth Thompson-Roberts to Carrico Congleton Property LLC, $51,000

735 Fargo Street, Melody and Daniel Chelstrom to Jacob and Brandi Melton, $129,900

185 East Harmons Ferry Road, Gerry and Dorita Clark to Joshua and Gertrude Owens, $116,000

235 KY-1554, Kristin and Steven Hagan to Ryan Hatfield and Alexandria Faught, $149,900

5360 Highway 1514, Laura and Andy Hamilton to Robert Kuegel, $139,000

2150 Old Cabin Road, Matthew and Amy Martin to James and Ashtin Warren, $295,000

6268 Brookstone Place, Brittany Belcher and Jacob Graham to Kara Flahardy and Trey Gates, $177,000

3715 Strike the Gold Court, Jeffrey and Rhonda Arnold to Amanda and Forrest Hamilton, $207,000

6709 Kingston Drive, Jarred and Samantha Brown to Joseph and Katie Minton, $252,000

420 Cataline Drive, Trisha Abney-Doyal to Dream Design LLC, $53,000

1604 Daniels Lane, Amber and Andrew Tucker to Sarah and Jordan Stepp, $180,000

5115 Opal Court, Phillip and Julie Johnson to Jacob and Kaitlyn Sumner, $219,000

1942 Wyandotte Avenue, Travis and Hannah White to Moses Niak Thien Sang, $109,900

2413 Upland Point, Ashtin and James Warren to Cody and Kayla Sarsland, $174,000

5721 Boston Laffoon Road, William Rhodes to Richard and Judy Rhodes, $35,931

3831 Lovell Drive, Ohio Valley Properties LLC to Darrell Motley, $110,777

1713 Wickland Court, Linda Massey to Christopher Massey, $85,000

3739 Boulder Lane, William and Kelly Wathen to Brittany and Jacob Graham, $354,000

3765 Locust Hill Drive East, John and Kathy Crose to Charles Shepherd, $206,500

3519 Saint Ann Street, James and Lisa Litsey to Terry and Micki Magan, $135,000

1791 Graves Lane, Megan Sparks to Isabela Sparks, $114,900

1423 Parrish Court, Gary and Cheryl Hammonds to Nanda and Thomas Simmons, $105,000

604 Ridgewood Street, Larry and Patricia Murphy to Stephen and LaShawna Haught, $94,900

5412 Meadow Grove Drive, Benjamin and Renae Story to Andrew and Amber Tucker, $259,900

2684 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Adam and Victoria Coleman, $183,645

4669 Forest Drive, WAP Properties LLC to Thompson Homes Inc., $45,000

633 Pin High Drive, Thompson Homes Inc. to Leslie Mobley, $243,474

617 Clay Street, Isaac and Katie Rhodes to Lukas Stone, $142,000

2232 Village Run, Shawn Clifton to Terry and Donna Stephens, $126,000

1000 West 4th Street, Carlos Knight to SPBS Properties LLC, $68,500

2154 Summer Walk, Dartanion and Kristin Winstead to Donald and Tabatha Long, $225,000

8345 KY-144, Brenda Mayfield to Geary Wells, $3,000

1218 Allen Street, Ben and Heidi Boarman to Shawn Clifton, $149,900

2948 Christie Place, Ray and Jenny Jones, and MSL Investments LLC to Donald Bayless and Emily Herring, $159,900

106 East 24th Street, Nicholas and Andrea McCrary to Jeremy and Iryna Tincher, $132,000

2764 Claiborne Run, Brandon and Sara Haney to Jeffrey Wallace, $231,000

1411 West 3rd Street, William and Melinda Johnson to Timothy and Amanda Ricks, $80,000

2327 Bulfinch Avenue, William and Linda Patterson to Chaw Clay and Doh Wah, $146,000

8555 KY-144, Charles and Artie Whitaker to Brian Morris, $25,000

11-B Quail Ridge Court, Helen Knott to Margie Hodges, $139,900

2724 Trails Way, Christopher and Jamie Swensen, and Barry and Carolyn Swensen to Jason and Krystal London, $211,000

1868 Wellshurst Drive, Paul Martin Builders Inc. to Phillip and Julie Johnson, $287,000

5625 Sarah Drive, Mark and Cheryl Jorgenson to Steven and June Render, $210,000

2206 Boarman Drive, Alex and Anna Dixon to Brennah Brashear, $110,000

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