The following real estate transfers were recorded between April 27 to May 3:

508 Alpha St., Elizabeth Lindsey to Sangam Investments LLC, $9,000

820 Clay St., Daniel and Carrie Stone to Delanie Payne and Jordan Storm, $106,500

1583 Roosevelt Road, estate of James Wieder to William and Haley Johnson, $259,900

Property on Sacra Drive, Darin Bean to Charles Whitmer, $103,000 for two parcels

9005 Sacra Drive, Darin Bean to Charles Whitmer, $103,000 for two parcels

1712 E. 26th St., CTC Investments LLC to Scott and Katie Sterling, $125,000

314 Camden Circle, Troy and Kelci Duncan to Stefan and Jessica Millay, $208,000

3307 Lewis Lane, Amy and John Lilly to Kelsey and Zachary Lytle, $215,000

1618 Tamarack Road, Ryan Litherland to Christopher Clark and Jessica Honadle, $147,000

3238 E. 10th St., Katie and Ronnie Royalty to Dream Design LLC and TEK Enterprises LLC, $52,500

9440 Kentucky 662, Zachary and Kelsey Lytle to Jamon Wedding, $158,000

531 Graystone Drive, David and Margareth Gish to David Franey, $219,900

2611 Dellwood Valley Lane, Dalton and Courtney Hillard to Kori and David Baker, $249,900

3563 Bold Forbes Way, Gary Lee to Gary D. Lee Family Irrevocable Trust, $161,700

2234 N. Stratford Drive, Corey and Kendra Hunt to Logan Norris and Megan Morris, $188,900

1083 Hill Ave., Mayfair Square Development Group LLC to David and Julie Warren, $455,000

604 Elm St., Dudley and Benita Miller to Gary Cobb, $10,000

624 Belmar Drive, Stefan and Jessica Millay to Gary and Lesley Faucheux, $139,000

1726 Prince Ave., Tony Woodall and Kara Kemp to Kailyn Marret, $100,000

1917 Oak Ave., Karen Rednour to Helen Wood and Kevin Coomes, $99,900

4217 Hayden Park Drive, Marc and Jeanette Lambert to Brett and Mallory Wiggins, $325,000

3979 Cross Creek Trail, Bryan and Alyson Stallings to Natalie Anderson, $227,000

2212 Black Oak Drive, Thompson Homes Inc. to Zach and Haleigh Woodard, $34,000

2000 W. Second St., Marnic LLC to Audubon Area Community Services Inc., $90,000

4514 Hayden Bridge Road, Thomas and Renee Hayden to Joseph and Aimee Burch, $201,000

1930 E. Parrish Ave., Vista International Inc. to Empower Associates LLC, $3,257,500

1814 W. Sixth St., C & D Property Management LLC to Kaylee Knight, $83,500

2224 W. Parrish Ave., Jason and Aniliza May to Travis and Felicia Hoagland, $165,500

6562 Autumn Creek, Woodland Ridge Development Inc. to Ferman Burnette LLC, $33,900

1005 E. 19th St., estate of Robert Bradley Jr. to Mark Adams, $69,900

3850 Garden Terrace, Marilyn VanWinkle to Saw Moo and Mu Si, $174,900

9365 Kentucky 405, David and Lori Bretschneider to Katy and Anthony Coin, $156,250

816 E. 15th St., Kenneth and Dawn Terry to Anthony Quinn, $105,000

2683 Dellwood Valley Lane, Tyler and Courtney Dukate to Adam and Megan Ash, $247,274

8728 Kingfisher Lake Road, Randall and Maria Swaim to Kimberly Hardin, $113,400

1813 Fawn Drive, Jeffrey Barr and Katheryn Creson to Samuel Powell, $215,000

2000 Sunset Drive, Stacey Spinks to Lawrence and Aleata Halbig, $136,000

1523 Brentwood Drive, David Lilly to Pree Daw and Maw Yoo and others, $220,000

Editor’s Note: The following real estate transfers were inadvertently left out and recorded between Dec. 22 to Dec. 30:

Farm property on Kentucky 951, Ione Jones to Samuel Cecil and others, $106,950

618 E. 23rd St., estate of Mack Pryor Jr. to Melody Rafferty, $74,500

1588 Barclay Ave., Summit ET Partners LLC to Jonathan Nance, $72,000

3135 Wrights Landing Road, Devin Taylor to Big O Takeout LLC, $50,000

1724 Lee Court, Donald Buckby Life Estate to Melissa Newton, $82,000

5212 Trifecta Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Denise Williams, $203,512

1311 Upper Trace, Greenwell-Chisholm Printing Co. to Carl and Maureen Greenwell, $157,500

408 St. Claire Drive, John and Carey Turner to John and Cathy Switzer, $360,000

2256 Palomino Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Andrew Johnson and Crystal Johnson, $227,788

7289 Masonville Habit Road, Denny and Kristie Stewart to John and Carey Turner, $525,000 for two parcels

7333 Masonville Habit Road, Denny and Kristie Stewart to John and Carey Turner, $525,000 for two parcels

6429 Spring Haven Trace, Mark and Karen Norton to Aaron and Ashley Ballou, $320,000

4232 W. Parrish Ave., Woodlands Plaza LLC to Dhartiraj Properties LLC, $631,111 for two parcels

4320 W. Parrish Ave., Woodlands Plaza LLC to Dhartiraj Properties LLC, $631,111 for two parcels

2220 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,400

2220 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Htay Htay and Khaing Moe, $179,813

940 Piedmont Drive, Jerry and Cindy Hudson to Matthew Hudson, $78,500

413 Catalina Drive, James A. Cecil to James C. Cecil, $50,000

3417 Chickasaw Drive, estate of Martha Anderson to Blonde Flamingo LLC, $115,000

156 Church St., John and Beth Fogle to Joseph Fogle, $60,000 for one-half interest

1532 Herr Ave., Theklas Rentals LLC to Sangam Investments LLC, $25,000

620 Clay St., David Craig to Alexandria and Joshua Gallimore, $84,900

2524 Lake Shore Pointe, Tyler and Laura Beddow to Tho Ghee and Pan Aung, $184,500

1709 Mount Vernon Drive, David Shilt and Betty Wright to Pamela McPherson, $109,900

136 Booth Field Road, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Clay Houston, $186,150

6347 Valley Brook Trace, Dakota and Keri Wilson to Jackson and Kaitlin Covington, $189,400

1618 Booth Ave., Kasey and Jason Dillow to Alexander and Rebecca Lashley, $139,900

1930 Monarch Ave., Wiley and Flora Early to Beverly Kirkpatrick, $20,000

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