The following real estate transfers were recorded between Feb. 17 through Feb. 24:

1615 Pearl St., Mohammad Hussan Malik to Hannah Hawkins, $139,000

723 James Garrard Dr., Champion Homes LLC to Chase R. Cramblit, $180,000

3515 Roundtable Loop, Michael R. Owens Jr. and Tammy Kay Owens to Korey Howell and Joshua King, $250,000

1421 Hill Ave., Christopher Barron Stoops to Miles Wilhite, $175,000

2225 Secretariat Dr., Daniel Alexander and Cheryl Alexander to Carlos M. Nevarez and Magdalena W. Nevarez, $185,000

7964 Iceland Rd., Roy and Erin White to RDS Inc., $65,000

2270 Skaggs Ct., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Alexander S. Jagoe and Alexandra Jagoe, $41,000

2134 Bittel Rd., Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Kyle R. Kamuf and Erin N. Kamuf, $376,500

2435 Highland Garden Pointe, Jason Phelps and Elizabeth Phelps to John. A. Maurice Jr., $174,500

2127 Village Run, Darlene Runyon to John A. Maurice Jr., $145,000

3 parcels on Leitchfield Dr., Brent Holbrook to Cornerstone Lawn Care LLC, $66,000

2823 Wayside Dr. W., Frank Joseph Roberts and Carol Ann Goodwin, $70,000

7 acres on Yelvington Grandview Rd., Robert L. Watkins and others to Cody Spencer Wedding, $30,000

6336 Old Highway 54, Michael Todd May and Sarah Rose May to Nicholas K. Hobbs, $22,500

2639 Landing Terrace, Zachary S. Roberts and Ashley Roberts to Veteran Properties LLC, $180,000

2 parcels on Green River Rd., MPG Commercial Properties LLC to LRW Properties LLC, $835,000

7140 Hwy. 500, William M. Kuegel Jr. and Lois Kuegel to John Harralson, $624,000

6222 Autumn Valley Trace, Christopher Shawn Wilson to Whitney Dawn Tucker and Jared Paul Tucker, $225,000

531 Catalina Dr., Lindsay Mattingly and Cynthia Downey to Collin Miller, $155,000

217 Tremont Dr., Nathan Newton to Jacob Hester and Tristen Wheatley, $115,000

4050 Hwy. 764, Monique Keith and Michael Joe Keith to James D. Hawkins and Iva D. Hawkins, $135,000

1007 Audubon Ave., HMJ Enterprises LLC to Michael Anthony McGahey Sr. and Ethel Alice McGahey, $82,500

4348 Yewells Landing W., Dream Design LLC and TEK Enterprises to Michael MacDonald and Karen MacDonald, $300,000

407 E. 3rd St., John Guy McCormack and Holly McCormack to Daniel Keaveney and Maria Keaveney, $72,500

2747 McFarland Ave., J & S Rentals LLC to NJRK Properties LLC, $99,900

4 parcels on Little Hickory Rd., Jay L. Worthington Jr. and Glenda J. Worthington to Brian A. Bickett and Jamie R. Bickett, $150,000

4336 Harbon Hills Trace, Richard G. Dixon and Tiffany L. Dixon to Chris Besecker and Jennifer Besecker, $329,500

2547 Triple Crown Way, Deborah Ann Fulkerson and Bob Fulkerson to Thomas M. Foster and Rosemary Foster, $174,900

3839 Shelly Dr., Bruce Clark and Donna Clark to MSL Investments LLC and others, $90,000 (one-half interest)

1553 Creek Haven Lp., Karen Foster-Smith to Rose Wieder, $300,000

1636 Manor Ct., Gregory L. Taylor and Geraldine Taylor to Kelevra Capital LLC, $76,500

1706 E. 20th St., Ben A. Warren and Holly A. Warren to Barry T. Jackson and Cynthia K. Jackson, $15,500

1201 Frederica St., R. Scott Browning to Crandall Properties LLC, $350,000

9161 Hwy. 815, Michael L. Cottrell and Katherine M. Cottrell to James Andrew Ezell and Holly Ranee Ezell, $70,000

3000 Daviess St., Janita M. Fleischmann to Keon Wimsatt and Noriko T. Wimsatt, $90,600

1401 W. 12th St., Jane M. Lambert and Prentice Lambert to Tiffany L. Dixon, $159,500

1569 Creek Haven Loop, Robert Addison Walker and Kayla Nicole Walker to Carl L. Watkins and Amy J. Watkins, $360,000

2929 Cheyenne Dr., Leslie Rae Cobb and Nathan Sterner Cobb to Mack D. Dean and Angela K. Dean, $157,000

2216 Meadowhill Lane, Matthew H. Moffitt and Gentry A. Moffitt to Rhonda Bergstrom, $325,000

2508 Arbor Terrace, Ayden Wayne Simon and Jarod Simon to Kristopher W. Wolfe and Kelsey D. Wolfe, $143,700

3717 Hawthorne Dr., James F. Howard and Penelope G. Howard to Clarth Properties LLC, $130,000

2308 N. Stratford Dr., Clinton G. Girten to Jennifer Case, $204,000

3372 Reid Rd., Christy Sumner Investments LLC to Bailey Eubanks, $145,000

6818 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $37,800

6818 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jessica L. Grooms and Michael Grooms, $339,830

435 Somerset Ct., Amanda Cornelius and Tyler Drew Cornelius to Lauren Freels and Nathan Aaron Newton, $245,000

8735 Sawmill Rd., Billy W. Keiser Jr. and Tonya Keiser to Thomas Booker, $139,900

2 parcels on Pleasant Pt. Rd., Joseph Ryan Payne and Sara Olivia Payne to Ryan Thomas Pigford and Stephanie Michelle Pigford, $70,000

2856 Brooks Pwky., Miles A. Wilhite to Blake Edge and Amanda Edge, $300,000

4288 Wayne Bridge Rd., Joseph P. Fischer and Marcie A. Fischer to John G. Vessels, $325,000

1728 Mohawk Dr., Jimmie Thurman and Hannah Thurman to Chris Sweeney and Kendall Turner, $179,500

3155 Bridle Way, Blake W. Edge and Amanda M. Edge to Michael Turner and Elysha L. Embry, $222,000

2741 W. 5th St., Sharon S. Clements and Richard Melvin Clements to Russell Palmer, $143,500

2709 Lookout Dr., April Ann Baker to James Crandle Moore and Shawna Lee Moore, $185,000

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