The following real estate transfers were recorded between April 27 and May 10:

1301 East 15th St., Clivian Skimmerhorn and Teresa Skimmerhorn to Shelley Downs, $22,000

10237 Highway 231, Randy S. Terry and Sandra Terry to Troy Wood, $21,000

6532 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kara R. Baird, $264,000

805 Crittenden St., Larry P. Holt and Debbie Jean Holt to Kimberly Gail Ford, $164,900

6100 Jack Hinton Road, Christopher Bailey Onstott and Karen Onstott to Bailey Onstott, $180,000

3824 Brookfield Drive, Travis W. Huff and Monica D. Huff to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $342,000

4215 Benttree Drive, W4 Investments LLC to Audubon Area Community Care Clinic Inc., $500,000

2476 Watson Circle, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Travis Wade Huff and Monica Deann Huff, $269,900

1015 Cottage Drive, Riley Elizabeth Glenn to Ryan Clark and Caroline Clark, $207,000

1833 West 7th St., Theresa Hall to Jose Geovanni Acosta Diaz, $20,000

210 Wesleyan Place, 1923 Fieldcrest LLC to SYM Holdings LLC, $185,000

4506 Woodlake Run, Tyler R. Stauffer and Jennifer L. Stauffer to William F. Woitke and Phyllis Woitke, $330,000

820 East Glenn Court, Michael R. Embry to RFI III LLC, $63,000

531 Griffith Ave., Floyd G. Tapp and Rosalyn E. Tapp to Jason Tapp, $453,500

2007 Littlewood Drive, Cyrus Adkisson to Tyler R. Stauffer and Jennifer L. Stauffer, $329,900

801 Hathaway St., Wayne Edge to RFI III LLC, $80,000

2339 Overlook Park, Christina Stone to Jeremy Byron Henry and April D. Henry, $350,000

4500 Condor Place, Estate of Robert N. Froehlich to Brian K. Connor and Tammy R. Connor, $270,000

4241 Edgewood Court, Joseph G. Glenn II Estate to Elizabeth N. Brunson, $240,000

699 Chuck Gray Court, Space Sloth LLC to Clarence Thompson III, $116,950

4110 Hayden Road, Mattingly Contracting LLC to Thomas S. Korfhage and Barbara L. Korfhage, $55,000

2750 Morningside Drive, Shufei Jiang and Yun Hua Huang to James E. Roach II, $170,000

1824 West 6th St., Judy Wedding to Zachary Lytle and Kelsey Lytle, $25,000

928 West 8th St., James William Johnson, Jr. and Angela Renee Johnson to Brandon G. Standiford, $62,000

2518 East Cloverdale Drive, Karen Yeiser to Quest Trust Company FBO Garrett Humphrey, Jr. IRA 4253111, $48,000

2429 Triple Crown Way, Mary E. Boling to Susan Dunlap, $271,500

11120 Red Hill-Maxwell Road, James L. Philips to Equity Trade and Relocation Company Inc., $360,000

4795 Bratcher Hill Road, Thomas Mattingly and Susie Mattingly to GFP Investments LLC, $45,000

4812 King Road, Crandall Properties LLC to M & M Properties KY LLC, $43,500

4812 King Road, M & M Properties KY LLC to Cody Wayne Field and Morgan Elizabeth Field, $51,000

825 Florence Court, Devin Taylor Inc. to Shawn Higgs, $110,000

6552 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $33,750

6548 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $33,750

6845 Bridgeview Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $37,400

6844 Bridgeview Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $37,400

6840 Bridgeview Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $37,400

6419 Autumn Valley Trace, Brian M. Barron and Kylie B. Barron to R & W Real Estate Group LLC, $192,000

1704 Maple Ave., Brianna Weisman and Christopher William Weisman to Melissa Beth Wilson, $190,000

5303 Webster Lane, Ashley D. Lewis, Kenneth Lewis and Rhonda Lewis to Robert Allen Bishop and Janice Kaye Bishop, $142,500

2009 Meadow Grass Creek, Lee Blandford and Angela Blandford to Justin Carwile and Wyatt Carwile, $260,500

6307 Jack Hinton Road, Tracy Mulligan to Haley Sparks, $175,000

5400 Aqueduct Court, Travis W. Wilson and India Wilson to Holly Donahue and Jennifer Hardesty, $29,000

5507 Park Haven Bend, KSB LLC to Lee Blandford and Angela Blandford, $364,900

2334 Woodstone Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kannan Kunchithapautham and Lalitha Kanna, $365,000

2437 Middleground Drive, Melisa A. Saalwaechter to Terry Wright and Ellen Wright, $262,580

1514 West 4th St., True North Estates LLC to 60B Properties LLC, $190,000

1512 West 4th St., True North Estates LLC to 60B Properties LLC, $190,000

933 Walnut Park Drive, Sa Deb and Pah Ta Ma Be, Pa Ei Pyu to PMGT LLC, $136,000

3611 Dove Loop South, Gary C. Duncan and Loretta Duncan to Derek Kyle Jackson and Elizabeth Ann Jackson, $161,000

1704 East 19th St., C & D Property Management LLC to Scooter Enterprises LLC, $80,000

4403 McIntire Crossing, C & D Property LLC to Cool Waters LLC, $116,500

3538 Bold Forbes Way, Darin C. Simpson and Bonnie L. Simpson to Tyson Trogdon and Lindzey Trogdon, $250,000

2305 Donau Court, Charlotte Reynolds to Donald R. Higgs and Mary Higgs, $187,400

511 Omega St., M & M Properties KY LLC, Brandon Collishaw and Kristy Collishaw to John P. Renfro and Tara L. Renfro, $17,830

510 East 5th St., PMGT LLC to Kaitlyn Dampier, $117,000

3860 Thresher St., Jameson Reddin and Kelly Grant Reddin to Zachary D. Stewart, $193,500

6301 Highway 762, Hunter Bates and Jennifer Bates to Robert Keith Payne and Therese Evelyn Payne, $95,000

3142 Pleasant Valley Road, Estate of Sylvia Ross Freeman to Starview Properties LLC, $156,000

6056 Pruden Lane, Gregory Ray Scott and Teresa D. Scott to Cody Skaggs and Mackenzie Skaggs, $41,000

1529 Miller Court, Renee Ford to Matthew G. Morris and Angela D. Morris, $249,900

13021 Red Hill-Maxwell Road, Herbert Canary and Peggy Canary to Tiffany N. Ralph and James Wesley Ralph, $225,000

1304 Locust St., Christie H. Krampe to Erica Joy Yartz, $292,500

4 Quail Ridge Court, A, Estate of Luann Kirkland to Joy Almedia Renfrow, $178,800

816 Poindexter St., Jerry Baggarly and Alice Baggarly to James R. Criswell, $34,800

1919 McClarty St., Jerry Baggarly and Alice Baggarly to James R. Criswell, $11,700

Property on Poindexter St., Jerry Baggarly and Alice Baggarly to James R. Criswell, $10,000

3927 Yates Drive, Daniel B. Kennedy and Cherith B. Kennedy to David Payne and Dorothy Payne, $165,000

2433 North York St., Fulcrum Holdings LLC to MSL Investments LLC, Pinnacle Point LLC, $124,000

1304 St. Ann St., Keith Evans and Rachel Evans to Anna J. Pierce, $190,000

1906 West 5th St., Brittany Voyles and Corville Voyles, Deanna Darnes and Stephen Darnes to Jeconias Limber Bautista Bautista, $13,000

4834 Sutherland Road, James T. Moore and Christie Moore, Chris Moore to David Cannon, $29,000

9401 Scythia Road, Debbie Dawson and Johnny Dawson to The Sharyn Emmick Schrick Separate Property Trust, $535,900

2290 Monroe Ave., Justin Rightmyer, Gary Jarvis to Duyen M. Tran, Jeremiah J. Drahos, $337,000

4001 Mount Vernon Drive, Thierry Cooke-Frost and Nicole Cooke-Frost to Stephanie Aull, $149,900

3000 Calumet Trace, Gateway Land LLC to GW Development Inc., $830,875

3000 Calumet Trace, GW Development Inc. to FGOBO LLC, $1,825,000

7600 Texas Gas Road, Kenneth and Rebecca Fischer to Quincy Lane Dalton and Laura Elaine Dalton, $104,000

1900 East 6th St., Meadows Holdings LLC to James Chambers, $89,900

10700 Pup Creek Lane, Christopher D. Hodskins and Carrie A. Hodskins to William Cassidy Taylor and Chantay Marie Taylor, $240,000

7687 Steven’s School Road, Delante J. James to Andrew M. Parker and Jennifer Parker, $145,000

524 Bark Cove, Bill K. Saalwaechter and Andi M. Saalwaechter to DPK Properties LLC, $260,000

409 Salem Drive, Coomes Real Estate LLC to Crandall Properties LLC, $250,000

9315 Highway 60 West, Bruce L. Willoughby and Erin Elizabeth Willoughby to Deborah Clark, $68,685

2427 Southtown Blvd., David W. Boswell to Tina M. Gonzalez, $152,000

7094 US Highway 231, Donna Wink Mitchell and Michael G. Mitchell to Corey C. Thomas and Kirsty Michelle Thomas, $215,000

4700 Bratcher Hill Road, Master Commission Matthew C. Tierney to South Central Bank Inc., $202,154

524 West 15 St., Estate of Martha F. Snyder to Halo Properties LLC, $185,000

2115 Dickey Drive, Ann Richardson to Oborski Properties LLC, $95,000

2616 West Victory Court, Brian R. Behnke to Brett Austin Statts, $156,500

2428 Watson Circle, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $32,500

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