The following real estate transfers were recorded between Aug. 23 to Aug. 30:

4712 Breeze Court W., Maury and Lindsey Duneghy to Mark and Devon Calitri, $299,900

3558 Breeder’s Way, Thompson Homes Inc. to Shawn and Kelsea Goodman, $301,372

2661 E. Victory Court, L. Steven Castlen Rentals LLC to Barry Duncan, $99,750

516 Glenn Court, estate of Dorothy Brown to Richard Brown Jr., $105,000

.958 acres added to 3612 Limestone Drive, Christopher and Amber Hoskins to Richard and Virginia Hudson, $1,000

701 Chuck Gray Court, James and Carolyn Kassinger to Signature Properties LLC, $144,000 for two parcels

4310 Loft Cove, James and Carolyn Kassinger to Signature Properties LLC, $144,000 for two parcels

6815 Creekview Court W., Zachary and Jennifer Hatcher to Gary and Kristen Lewis, $400,000

4984 Millers Mill Road, Charles and Nancy Lanham to Jodi Kassinger-Conley and Don Conley, $350,000

320 Covington Ridge Drive, Kathy Kuegel and others to Cynthia and Timothy Konken, $345,000

2733 Lookout Drive, Morgan McCubbins to Htwa Reh and Pray Meh, $194,000

3116 Kentucky 81, Francis Durbin Sr. and Shirley Durbin to Francis Durbin Jr. and Kimberly Durbin, $85,000

2401 Grimes Ave., Southern Recycling LLC to SA Recycling LLC, $1,070,108

2915 New Hartford Road, EOJ Properties LLC to JAJ Holdings LLC, $1,050,000

1523 Springdale Drive, CWV LLC to Darrell and Heather Vanover, $205,000

421 E. 20th St., Jon Johnson to Amrik Jammu, $31,000

96 Booth Field Road, RLK Farms Inc. to Bradley and Tara Higgs, $600,000

9750 Kentucky 405, Craig Wilhoyte to Cody Wedding, $4,000

.473 acres added to 10485 Kentucky 764, David and Martha Jennings and others to Mary Howard, $5,000

901 E. Glenn Court, Halo Properties LLC to A Team Investments LLC, $80,000

1600 Walnut St., Wanda Kuegel Non-GST Trust and others to A Team Investments LLC, $67,000

200 Fern Hill Drive, Derek and Kari Mitchell to Thomas Hunt, $449,900

2218 Kentucky 279 S., Audubon Loans LLC to Stephen and Karen Higdon, $400,000

1832 Bonnie Castle Drive, Brian and Virginia Meadows to Bradley and Brook Youngman, $469,000

1900 Robin Road, Brook and Bradley Youngman to Kimberly and Steven Garvin, $370,000

2211 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Gina Burk, $216,170

513 Sycamore St., Brenda Cowherd to Michael Johnson, $10,000

2415 Southtown Blvd., Wendy and Joseph Hagan to First Quality Rentals LLC, $115,000

1630 Springdale Drive, Sue Burns to James and Whitney Burns, $164,500

1824 Freeman Drive, Matthew and Bailie Johnson to RLK Farms Inc., $316,000

437 E. 21st St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. for the benefit of the Freddie Mac Seasoned Loans Structured Transaction Trust, $32,000

3089 S. Hampton Road, Scott and Felicia Elliott to Robert Elliott, $172,500 for one-half interest

2.147 acres added to 2800 Kentucky 279 S., Ouida Pruden to Timothy and Naimeh Pearl, $14,000

904 Cedar St., Adams and Dye Properties LLC to Justin Meredith and others, $52,000

4215 Buckland Square, Melva Whistle to John and Marlene Faulkner, $166,750

2316 Fairway Drive, Shan and Meagan Taylor to Casey and Jennifer Ray, $182,900

4655 Honeysuckle Lane, John and Elizabeth Yager to Marcia and Murray Hewitt, $800,000

828 E. 19th St., Casey and Jennifer Ray to Colby Mayes and Madison Page, $119,500

2007 Sunset Drive, Kelly Gaidmore and Wayne Bagola Jr. to Bryce Defauw, $142,500

2717 Griffith Ave., Amanda Howard to Erin Rouse and others, $205,000

9044 Miller Murphy Road, John and Charlotte Hay to Zachary and Jennifer Hatcher, $425,000

2609 Bittel Road, Byron and Lori Howard to JBG Homes LLC, $144,500

2134 Village Run, Daniel and Bethany Reeves to Sherry Dees, $155,000

324 Byron Court, Herman and Joy Beliles to Jennifer Quinn, $109,900

671 Chuck Gray Court, Logan and Sarah Midkiff to LT and LK Properties LLC, $70,000

2423 St. Ann St., Lexie and Travis Owsley to John Miles Jr. and Kristie Miles, $149,300

280 Industrial Drive, Eleanor Elliott and Carol Young to Commonwealth of Kentucky $115,000

2760 Veach Road, Patrick and Kathleen Buntin to Shawnee Land LLC, $450,000

4532 Hayden Bridge Road, Lydia Stowers to Mary Stowers, $10,000

3441 Ashlawn Drive, Donald and Mary Hayden to Matthew and Erin Johnson, $330,000

1030 Oglesby St., Connors Custom Builders LLC to Amber and Jason Brown, $19,000

5329 Jones Road, Marth Whittington to Brandon and Ashley Johnson, $259,900

5725 Grady Court, Kevin and Stacy Berry to John Walker and Lee Ann Drake, $288,000

2280 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,400

2280 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to David and Heather Vincent, $225,970

225 E. Harmons Ferry Road, Douglas and Elsie Cambron to Haley Morris, $129,000

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