The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 27 and Oct. 4:

2300 Skaggs Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc. $41,500

2300 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Sean David Ralston and Leah Dale Ralston, $338,875

2018 Viola Gardens, Harvey Marksberry to Lana D. Harper, $191,000

4460 Harbor Hills Trace, Jarrod K. Malone and Sarah L. Malone to Christopher Stephen Watkins and Ramona Ellaine Watkins, $419,900

1793 Celebration Circle, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Daniel Lee Phillips and Debra Gae Phillips, $463,715

3813 Raintree Drive, Andy K. Shively and Skyler Stewart to Mohammod Qaium, $180,000

1892 Celebration Circle, Daniel Lee Phillips and Debra Gae Phillips to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $367,225

141 Highway 140 West, Benjamin J. Ballard and Micaiah Morgan Ballard to David K. Decker and Brittany Deck, $75,000

1620 Dean Ave., Nicholas McFadden to Ashley Gayle McDaniel, $221,000

3156 Harness Loop, Kent M. Gwaltney to R & W Real Estate Group LLC, $198,000

1800 Asbury Place, MSL Investments LLC, Pinnacle Point LLC to Karen E. Pence, $177,900

2219 Griffith Ave., Richard W. Curry and Virginia W. Curry to Robert W. Wellman, $309,900

4836 Sturbridge Place, Adam Alvey and Lea Alvey to Hartland Homes KY LLC, $120,000

4112 Pinta Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Ted Tidwell, Linda Sue Cole, $310,805

2424 Griffith Place West, Philip I. Stanley to Courtney McCarthy, $249,000

3149 Bridle Way, Andrew S. Boggess and Jennie K. Boggess, Rita B. Jones and James R. Jones Sr. to Tyler W. Wathen and Makayla A. Wathen, $212,000

5027 Old Hartford Road, Kathy Keller to Moth Capital LLC, $65,000

7276 Donald Ave., Georjeana Coffield to Chase Emmert and Tori Emmert, $145,000

3818 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Derek Alexander and Lindsey Nicole Alexander, $379,755

3917 Bordeaux Loop South, Jennifer K. Crowe to David Beer, $262,000

2212 Monroe Ave., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Samuel Chase Lester and Emily Lester, $296,160

2208 Locust St., Deborah Greep DeArmond to Philip I. Stanley, $272,500

3568 Breeders Way, Thompson Homes Inc. to Dana M. Brickner, $290,918

1300 Carter Road, MW Parrish LLC to RaeCurve LLC, $2,550,000

1131 Hill Ave., Mayfair Square Development Group LLC to John Niebuhr and Paula Niebuhr, $422,454

1627 Burdette Court, Leslie H. Whobrey and Tracy Whobrey to Michael E. Williams, $44,900

1500 East 18th St., KAC Realty Inc. to CVVF Owensboro KY LLC, $1,500,000

3204 Queens Way, Daniel Joe Wooten and Lori Ann Wooten to Jamie Lynn Freels, $240,000

1713 East 19th St., Jim Barr Enterprises LLC to Jaffrey Barr, $80,000

608 Frederica St., Part D LLC to Coppage Rentals LLC, $2,200,000

2197 Highway 142, Thomas Furlong and Susan Furlong to Richard Kent Moore and Danya Moore, $825,000

710 Ford Ave., Gregory K. Nash and Elizabeth R. Nash to William Raymond Roth II, $72,000

625 Crittenden St., Madole Family LLC to N & G Legacy Estates LLC, $99,900

142 McFarland Road, JoAnn Peach Estate to Timothy W. Davis and Melissa D. Davis, $128,000

2840 Wayside Drive West, Royalty Rental Investments LLC to Jarrod T. Ratliff and Shelby N. Ratliff, $128,500

2233 Barron Drive, Lois Marie Goetz Estate to Stephen L. Steele and Jaycie A. Steele, $153,000

5044 Bridgewood, JR Acquistions LLC to David R. Charles, Monica L. Everett, $92,900

1533 East 20th St., Michael L. Boling to Keisha A. Chism and Fred John Chism, $125,000

2744 Hillbrooke Parkway, Andrew Emberger Thompson and Melissa Hamilton Thompson to Jarrod K. Malone and Sarah Malone, $489,900

3243 Shadewood Terrace, William H. Goodlett and Dana L. Goodlett to June E. Dill, $329,900

1414 Waverly Place, Don A. Jackson to Jeffery Potter II and Lynette M. Potter, $310,000

757 Sandra Lane, Amber Watkins and Michael Watkins to David Kemper and Sierra Kemper, $154,000

3429 Lewis Lane, Aaron Ryan to Samantha Marie Horsley, $175,500

10039 Highway 56, Joseph David McIntosh, Mackenzie Merritt to Benjamin John Koller and Tiffany Ann Killer, $455,000

6330 Valley Brook Trace, Crossridge Properties LLC to Larry J. Koett Rental Properties LLC, $220,000

2319 Citation Ave., Mark Barnett and Gina Barnett to David Phelps Realty LLC, Devin Taylor Inc. $105,000

4229 Highway 764, David W. Staves and Connie J. Staves to Christina A. Taylor, $149,900

2761 Flamingo Ave., TED Equity LLC to Kenneth Costa and Theresa Costa, $149,900

6557 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $33,750

6557 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Yellowstone Rental Properties LLC, $264,185

5220 Woodpointe Court, Adam Scott Husk and Bethany N. Husk to Erik M. Lanham and Theresa N. Lanham, $500,000

4437 Hunters Trace, Sean S. Newton to Joseph B. Gower, $208,000

2639 Wood Haven Drive, Kuiza L. Kim and Suk Ki Kim to Thekla’s Rentals LLC, $1,020,000

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