The following real estate transfers were recorded between Oct. 4 and Oct. 13:

2800 West 6th St., Ashley Keller Bratcher, Sarah Keller, Bailey Keller to N & G Legacy Estates LLC, $65,000

3830 Shelly Drive, Alicia Kassinger, James Brandon Kassinger and Jill Kassinger to Stephen P. Hagan, $150,000

5005 Free Silver Road, Jeffrey T. Cecil and Patricia D. Cecil to Quinto Robert Pence, $250,000

6510 Cherry Court, Zackery Wayne Simpson and Alexandra L. Simpson to William Paul Scott and Courtney Ann Scott, $145,000

5129 Graham Lane, Shirley Hoffman to McKay N. Cooper, Madison B. Lowe, $144,900

3956 Cross Creek Trail, Jacob S. Caldwell to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., $280,000

3956 Cross Creek Trail, Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to James R. Estes Revocable Trust, $280,000

906 East 19th St., Karen English and Gregory English, Kevin Burcham and Tamara Burcham to Brandon Newcom, $165,000

165 Ewing Road and 183 Ewing Road, Mitzi Autry to Jeremy Smith, $58,000

2813 Summer Point Court, David Boarman to Madalyn Rose Duty and Leah Marie Armstrong, $219,000

2017 Lexington Ave., Nicholas B. Tuttle and Crystal G. Tuttle to Marian Petri, $420,000

2415 West 5th St., James Metcalf Jr. to James B. Walker III, $63,800

2430 New Hartford Road, Skyline Retail Investments LLC to MKC Properties LLC, $485,000

2109 Village Pointe Court, Darby Midkiff to Dylan Thomas Heid, $192,000

2700 Warehouse Road, Larik Corp. to Owensboro Warehouse Leasing LLC, $560,000

4013 Horseshoe Trace, James P. Hayden and Connie J. Hayden to Anthony Mark Higdon and Janice Marie Higdon, $285,000

2701 Cravens Ave. Dianna M. Lovell to The City of Owensboro Kentucky, $130,000

1407 Tamarack Road, Betty Sue Huebner, Mark A. Buebner and Gail M. Green to Steven Lynn Gough and Cynthia Gough, $250,000

1830 Westview Drive, Ronald Heep and Joni Heep to Samantha Ringham, $103,000

5135 Veach Road, Scott Lynn Jones and Tamara L. Jones to Charles H. Futrell and Lisa Futrell, $395,000

4136 Rudy Martin Drive, J. Kevin Whear and Joy L. Whear to Amber Lynn Kassinger, $141,000

2360 Summer Walk, Lorraine Sumner and Faron H. Smith, Larry Piper to Soa Lo Phan and Annie Phan, $245,900

653 Greenbriar St., Pamela K. Quesnell to Brooklynn Raye Harrington and Taylor James Harrington, $128,000

1921 McFarland Ave., McDaniel Enterprises LLC to Raange Investments, $70,000

111 East 21st St., Paul Christian to Debra Lynn Nichols and Timmothy Nichols, $130,000

10728 Green St., Bobby D. and Esther M. Smith Family Revocable Living Trust to Robert M. Morris and Trudy M. Morris, $130,000

406 Camden Circle, Caleb J. Gray and Megan Gray to Veteran Properties LLC, $192,000

3405 Old Hartford Road, Owensboro Warehouse Leasing LLC to Devray Properties LLC, $515,162

1829 Epworth Lane, Spencer Rentals LLC to Murphy Famrs LLC, $230,000

1803 Hughes Ave., Cindy Renee Keiser to FairOfferCashNowInc., $25,000

6363 Valley Brook Trace, Cody W. Carman to Eddie Waller and Carla Waller, $228,000

1439 West 4th St., Charles McCarty and Doris McCarty to Karla Ramirez Gutierrez, $62,000

4573 Bridle Ridge Court, Pat McKeegan to Larry S. Miller and Martha Jean Owen Miller, $350,000

Property on Lonesome Pine Trail, Sherry K. Bell to Scott D. Smith and Kelley Renee Smith, $145,500

1733 Burdette Court, Charles L. Miller, Paula D. Brannum to Rainbow Rentals LLC, $66,000

6359 Autumn Valley Trace, Master Commissioner Angela L. Thompson to Oborski Properties LLC, $220,000

709 Wesleyan Park Drive, Tin Tin and Tli Thawng to Sui Za Thang, $203,000

3562 Breeders Way, Thompson Homes Inc. to Madeline B. Raley, $236,350

4045 Thruston-Dermont Road, The Roberts Family Dynasty Trust to Yellowbanks Properties LLC, Hayden Construction Company Inc., $500,000

902 West 1st St., John W. Myers and Maci Myers to Nathaniel Cox, Madison Embry, $195,000

5665 Brook St., Robert M. Warren and Janette Warren to Olivia G. Miller, $262,800

2252 South York St., Karen M. Cleveland and Michael Todd Cleveland to Nathan A. Jochum and Ashley Kiefer, $255,000

4144 Hunting Creek Drive, Tommy Lee Covington and Minnie Lou Covington to Derek Bradley Smith and Elizabeth Smith, $370,000

3223 Jefferson St., Verlita Miller Roop and Clayton Roger Roop to Rock Stable Investments, LLC, $120,900

2240 Skaggs Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $41,700

2240 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Lemuel E. Kilburn, $326,095

2512 Elder Drive, Phyllis A. Durbin to TEK Enterprises LLC, $47,000

316 Morgan Lane, Eric J. Grimes and Nicola M. Grimes to Travis Castlen and Laurie Castlen, $470,000

3260 Greenbriar Road, The Sandra G. Hale Family Irrevocable Trust to Matthew Davis, $58,000

121 High St., Master Commissioner Angela L. Thompson to Judy Christianson and Leslie Christianson, $36,000

9247 US Highway 231, The Estate of Joseph Donald Howard to Arthur Leach, Jason Scott Chinn, Joseph Brian Coots, $40,000

9247 US Highway 231, The Estate of Joseph Donald Howard to Arthur Leach, Jason Scott Chinn, Joseph Brian Coots, $40,000

9247 US Highway 231, The Estate of Joseph Donald Howard to Arthur Leach, Jason Scott Chinn, Joseph Brian Coots, $40,000

9247 US Highway 231, The Estate of Joseph Donald Howard to Arthur Leach, Jason Scott Chinn, Joseph Brian Coots, $40,000

2317 Bittel Road, James K. Over and Barbara S. Over to Brad E. Winter and Brittni A. Winter, $223,400

4531 Barrington Place, John F. Niebuhr II and Paula Ann Niebuhr to James K. Over and Barbara S. Over, $245,000

6378 Valley Brook Trace, Duane Ward and Bridgett D. Ward to Doyal McKinney and Karla McKinney, $215,000

2234 Monroe Ave., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Leroy John and Heather Anne John, $347,280

11864 Kentucky 764, Terry Rhodes Farms LLC to Hagan Brothers Farm LLC, $684,000

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