The following real estate transfers were recorded between May 13-20, 2020:

184 Dove Loop North, Mary Kamuf to Ashley Parish, $119,900

4195 Pleasant Valley Road, James and Sara Millay to William and Kelly Wathen, $420,000

1621 Sioux Place, Bettie Hall to Raven Haire, $128,864

5336 Summercrest Drive, Steven Haire to James Ellis, $224,900

105 Maple Street, Darry and Bettye Cain to Joshua Estes, $4,500

2429 Elder Drive, Sharon Glenn to Connie Velasquez and Austin Gerstler, $131,750

2934 Turfway Drive, Jill Atherton to Dustin Weeks and Cierra Hardin, $183,900

4300 Strickland Drive, James Reynolds to Gregory Scott, $126,900

2617 Wisteria Gardens, Robin Nest LLC to Patrick and Betty Shelton, $124,000

2502 South Griffith Avenue, Steven and Belinda Baird to Daniel and Kay Haney, $135,000

4947 Newbolt Road, Robert and Holly Ebelhar to James and Sara Millay, $401,000

1908 Mayfair Avenue, Anne Poynter to Betty Villafuerte and Chen Huang, $300,000

1430 East 10th Street, WDS Properties LLC to James Goatee, $87,000

4510 Kentucky 54, LKV Inc. to Sien LLC, $800,000

11601 U.S. 431, Joseph and Tammy Hodskins to Joseph Vanvactor, $185,000

5427 Sturgeon Avenue, Connie Patton to Jessica Rice, $113,000

108 East 25th Street, Gabe and Barbara Layman to Mark Griffith and Shannon Buchler, $135,000

2348 Tradition Avenue, Timothy and Rebecca Whittinghill to Taw Htoo, $169,900

5512 Mulberry Place, Eric and Amelia Laster to Bradley and Rhonda Sheward, $299,900

6505 Springwood Drive, David and Mary Payne to Eric and Amelia Laster, $335,000

333 and 335 Frederica Street, Evelyn Raines, Robbie and Ronnie Remole, and Deloris Raines to MW Parrish LLC, $200,000

210 West Legion Boulevard, Lawrence Divine to Adam and Sabra Ray, $114,000

2022 Old Cabin Road, Bradley Foreman to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, $197,500

2022 Old Cabin Road, Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Haleigh Bickett and Reed VanWinkle, $197,500

1516 Standish Place, Steven and Kathleen Cue to Zach and Sasha Erwin, $225,000

1323 West 3rd Street, Deanna Honeycutt to Tommy Williams, $51,000

4614 Arborgate Drive, Heath and Mary Greenwell to Brandon Cox and Charity Young, $249,900

2424 Upland Point, Amber Leach to Jennifer Wathen, $156,400

4782 Windstone Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Michael and Megan Heath, $311,575

1515 Center Street, Daniel and Emory Haire to JNT Rentals LLC, $49,000

1751 East 26th Street, Margaret Goldsberry to Jarron McDaniel, $115,000

3900 Thurston Dermont Road, William and Martha Walker to Logan Cecil, $225,000

3913 Greenfield Lane, Gary Barker to Kyle Magill, $139,900

1828 Calhoun Street, Timothy Collier to Logan Higdon, $79,900

3869 Thurston Dermont Road, Jan and Veronica Howard to Sharon Glenn, $225,000

6369 Little Hickory Road, Tony and Sonya Lockhart to Joshua Lockhart, $91,101

9421 U.S. 60 West, Truist Bank to Donald and Susan Vaughn, $ 83,000

419 Monterrey Drive, Austin and Leanne Howard to Nathan and Casey Bivins, $99,000

4642 Strickland Drive, Robert Calhoun to Josh Phelps, $149,900

5872 KY-1389, Audubon Area Field House LLC to AVSG Properties LLC, $201,500

10036 Walnut Street, James and Windy Howard to Merritt Rentals LLC, $23,000

895 KY-1207, Charles Lee to Richard and Lou Miller, $22,000

3751 Boulder Lane, Mario Hernandez and Henrike Ulken to Rodney and Lindsey Decker, $365,000

The following real estate transfers were recorded between May 21-28, 2020:

5161 Jack Hinton Road, Mark and Kathy Tong to Derrick and April Stracener, $362,000

6817 Creekview Court West, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $43,825

6817 Creekview Court West, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Dana and Joseph Collins, $354,718

1017 Booth Avenue, Eileen Payne to Nathan Kelley, $142,400

3901 Reliant Circle, Molly and Jeremiah Hagan to Bryson Keith and Jacqueline Casey, $167,000

3710 Wood Trace, Karisa Hodges to Tara and Wesley Clark, $258,500

4939 Free Silver Road, Joshua and Miranda Cravens to Ellen and Leonard Marlowe, $177,000

11609 Coleman Road, Chad Crabtree and Kelly Crabtree to Paul and Beverly Nation, $410,000

6821 Creekview Court West, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $43,825

6821 Creekview Court West, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kristen Utley, $271,793

1008 Holly Avenue, Theresa Mercker to Charles Taylor, $100,000

2001 Chesterfield Drive, Angela Ferguson to Courtney Burdick, $54,150

1009 Standish Place South, Shawn and Charis Scott to Timothy and Caitlin Hoskins, $197,500

2314 Triple Crown Way, John and Brenda Hayden to Jordan Payne, $170,000

617 Pin High Drive, Thompson Homes Inc. to John and Brenda Hayden, $218,505

6528 Spring Haven Trace, Ryan and Lesli Nall to Nathan and Caitlin Heep, $241,000

The following real estate transfers were recorded between May 28-June 3, 2020:

826 Creek Harbor Court, Richard and Dawn King to Elaina and Kyle Cravens, $154,900

631 Belmar Drive, Valorie Howe to Michael Sowders, $123,900

650 Chuck Gray Court, The Owensboro Family YMCA Trust Inc. to Thekla’s Rentals LLC, $320,000

8659 KY-815, Larry and Debra Sparks to Angel and Angela Ocasio, $90,000

4771 Windstone Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kimberly and Steven Garvin, $302,000

1822 Fawn Drive, Michael and Stephanie Horn to Brandy and Joseph Cravens, $174,900

408 West 8th Street, James and Shannon Young to Sarah and Bailey Maloney, $132,000

3924 Greenfield Lane, Caleb Brackin to Jeffery Evans, $161,000

2821 Turfway Drive, Ariel Sauer to Rebekah Hale, $274,900

1379 Graves Lane, Bradley and Jennifer Gordon to Jonathan and Loni Embry, $129,900

3608 Idle Hour Court, Loren and April Yonts to Andrew O’Bryan, $185,000

2633 Cherry Blossom Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Home Inc., $30,225

2633 Cherry Blossom Court, Jagoe Home Inc. to Mindy Bradley, $173,543

4316 North Landsdowne, Orville and Kyla Miller to Austin and Leeanne Howard, $179,900

3200 Shadewood Terrace, Rudolph and Karen Haramis to Gary and Dianne Luebbert, $222,000

4306 Edgewood Court, Property Pros LLC. to Steven and Faith Harrison, $270,000

718 Isaac Shelby Drive, Artie Carrico to Matthew Carrico, $90,000

631 Breckinridge Street, Steve and Laura Harmon to Michael Mattingly, $90,000

3560 London Pike, Jamie and Sarah Fulcher to Preston White and Tammy Hodskins, $224,900

324 Coast Guard Lane, Kevin and Kim Tignor to Tamara Cundiff, $175,250

618 Stableford Circle, Thompson Homes Inc. to Steve and Susan Bratcher, $322,537

6472 Autumn Valley Trace, Lashon and Alisha Leonard to Candace Yaeger, $155,000

2684 Wisteria Gardens, Lauren Tolliver to James and Connie Case, $122,500

2806 Redford Drive, Amber Crooks to Heather Kuegel, $130,000

2837 Strawbridge Place, Jessica Austin to Brittney Nelson, $129,900

2465 Krauss Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Melanie and Aaron Hopgood, $222,727

2409 Middleground Drive, Ben King to Jeffery Calhoun and Priscilla Blackburn, $119,900

1233 Holly Avenue, Melanie and Aaron Hopgood to Laura Feldpausch and Jacob Mayes, $119,900

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